Alpha's shiny new art thread


Hey all, been on this kick where I draw entirely in Photoshop using my Wacom. Here’s some of the stuff that’s come out of it.

Gavin McCloud, main character in a game idea I’ve had for like, ever.

Willow Lillianne-Rinaly Alder (there’s a reason for the long name, LOL), main female character and girlfriend of Gavin.

The others have the names on them, they’re ideas for a manga I was thinking about doing.


very nice… do you do any commision work?


Girl with freckles. This thread needs more GIRL WITH FRECKLES!

Awesome works, Alpha.

Girl with freckles in particular.


Yea I am with Sas, cool stuff!


Thanks, folks. “Girl with freckles” is named Willow, by the way. I realized I didn’t put names on the first two pictures in the original post. The first character with the jacket is named Gavin.


Never really done commission, but if you have something in mind, I may be able to give it a shot.

Got a WIP coming up soon, I’ll need some input from SRK on the outfit. I think it’s missing something, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

EDIT: Here’s the WIP, still have to put the hands on it. The main thing is that I feel like the dress needs a bit extra to make it cool and unique and I can’t think of what that something is. She’s supposed to be somewhat nun-like as evidenced by the hood.


Very nice work, Alpha. Proportions, expressions, coloring - everything seems to be well done. Especially like the art for Willow and Seiji

Is it me or is Sophia sort of inspired from Sheryl from Macross Frontier? Kinda gives me that vibe.


Thank you. And yeah, Sophia’s got a Sheryl thing going on, so I’m glad it comes through.


Put crosses on her outfit. That ‘thing’ around her neck isn’t working very well with the rest of the outfit though.

Also I got a request (two) if you’re up for them!



Yeah, that’s the tricky bit Chibs, in the world in which the character exists there’s no Jesus or crucifixion, thus no crosses as a religious symbol. I did want to make up a symbol for their world though, so maybe I’ll throw that on once I figure out what I want it to be.

And what did you have in mind?


Hey all, since Chris (Alpha) said he wouldn’t mind, I’m going to start posting my works in Photoshop here as well. It’ll basically be a joint works thread so we can keep it going.

Here’s a first attempt at the “all tablet” style Alpha’s been pioneering. I wanted to take my hand at it since I do my shading a bit differently (more of a soft shade). Her name’s Holly, and she’s been around in my head since about oh…6th grade.

Here’s a second take on her; she has a position as a tech for a military R&D, so this is what she would wear to the job.

Anyways, tell me what you think. I’d be glad to hear it.


It’s pretty good, I’d say. I like her with that first outfit more; plus the shading style looks fine. Everything else - no problems whatsoever.


been a while AlphaDragoon! you’ve really levelled up since we last saw your stuff!
liking the pics for the most part, the leg proportions on your skirt-wearing chars is weird. I think you’re drawing the knees too low. If you pencil in the torso, hips and thighs in underneath the skirts in the sketching process, you’ll probably see what I mean. This doesn’t happen in the pics when the chars are in jeans or pants.


Funny thing is, both Alpha and myself both did do pipe and contour figures before getting the real work in and used them as a base. In some cases they even went off a reference.

Maybe it’s the number of heads we use for measurement that’s throwing it off. A lot of artists go for 8, Alpha and myself tend to go 7 or 7.5. Nonetheless, nice hearing from you again rook, I’ll definitely look into your suggestion.


Here’s a new one out of me; Chibi wanted me to draw a couple of his characters.

Gonna work on the second soon.


That looks pretty hot, Infini. :bgrin:


your art style reminds me of fashion designer pictures/sketches.

it looks nice.unique.


Very Nice!


^^^I agree with gambit. Too much talent around here.


Did some updating to my WIP, changed up the outfit a little. Gave her a buckle-type deal to hold her sword, she’s got a gladius sized one like Cassandra in SC.