thats great news. who knows, maybe the gaME WILL HAVE MORE EXTRA CHARACTERS in it than just from the console version (to be prepared for xiii).


…So, Heavy D, Lucky Glauber, and A Black Girl, confirmed as new characters!


Really, “Black”? Well, if it’s a “Championship edition” of what we get on consoles, I would love to have the option to buy it as DLC :slight_smile: It’d be silly to have the console verison Out of Date within simply 5 months of release, y’know?


dude, k is blackaneze. thats whi its black… maybe well see a black boss for the first time? or was krizalid blackaneze as well?


LoL, yeah, I was thinking THAT, too. K’s skincolor is suppose to be a result of the cloning that produced him (thus he’s something of a negative of Kyo), so it’s probably more to do with his wonderful leather threads… But man, that’d be weird for Elizabeth to be added in with an update subtitled “black”, as she’s SO much about White Light and all…

Heh, Beth’s LDM would look really interesting in “KOFHD” style… And I wonder how K’ would feel with all of his options toned down (unless other characters get buffed, he’d feel a bit too complex if he kept EVERYTHING)


I think Krizalid is blackanese, and Original Zero as well, as for Mukai well… yeah it’s a toss up


Well It sounds like the console ver is the Complete ver, and this Black will be the update to make XII arcade complete as well (as well as on the same level of console)


“Blackanese”, my ass. Bitches just spent way too long in the complimentary NESTS tanning booths. That’s about as black as watercress sandwiches at a country club.

All the authentic black people in KOF tend to get the shaft (although Seth and Richard Meyer enjoyed a resurgence thanks to Falcoon and the MI games). D! was cool, but I don’t particularly miss him because I like Vanessa’s swooshy style better than D!'s (although I always respected his “watch me cross up and chain 10,000 c. Bs into c. A xx ranbu super” shenanigans). Lucky, on the other hand, I miss dearly, because he fought with the power of basketball and stupid hooting noises. I guess killing superpowered Japanese fashion models with free throws has kind of a niche appeal.

If they were to ask me to make a new KOF team, I would bring back the Sports Team and replace Brian with J. Max from World Heroes. J. Max is not black, of course. But he IS the first man to bring the Murderous Intent to pro football, and that alone should earn him a spot in the KOF roster.

Also, I am rather surprised SNK has yet to introduce an actual black female into the roster. (Then again, Capcom has yet to do the same.) Then again, I’m not sure Japan really knows that black women exist, because you never see them acting goofy on their retarded Japanese variety shows.


Elena would like a word.


Makes sense. Remember; KOF XII has not done very well in Asia so far. They gotta’ recoup that money somehow. Plus, there’s a good chance it will come to PC. If not in July, then definitely in the fall.


Crap, I knew somebody was slipping my mind. I was doing an inventory of Capcom black people and stopped at Sean.


Is there any confirmation of this? This guy doesn’t really explain how he came across this news.

I think SNK at least acknowledges the fact some people want more dark-skinned characters by doing alternate costumes. The D colour versions of 2k2 Vanessa, Whip and King come to mind although I’m sure there are more.


I like K’ because he doesn’t fall into black stereotypes and he’s slick as hell. Though I have to agree that the American Sports needs to come back. I love Heavy D!'s combos, Lucky’s Shaq Fu, and Brian’s air spin attack. (J.Max wouldn’t be a bad pick though, but he just doesn’t fit into art style imo) As long as they don’t get their invites stolen again, they’ll be fine. (Damn you Mizoguchi for stealing Lucky’s invite for MIRA, you douche! :mad:)


D button Vanessa is black in XII.



EDIT: I thought it was C, not D…hmm



Oops. I’ll leave it up to demonstrate my shame.


Are there only four colour combinations in KoF XII, or is it like 98UM or XI where you can get more with extra button combinations like A+C?