Alright, I finally understand why people get angry when a character is so popular


…I think after visiting Chinatown Fair Arcade (NYC) that I’m going to pick up another main character. All I keep saying weekend after weekend is Balrog, Ryu, Sagat, and Blanka. It pains me that on a Saturday afternoon when im off from work or school that I have to wait 45 min because I don’t want to have a boring mirror match with Balrog. I mean I haven’t seen one Rufus/Viper/Abel etc.

I think I might just pick up C. Viper since no one uses her…I know you should always use a character you like no matter what but damn…:zzz::zzz:


I have never faced C. Viper online and I reached G2-C yesterday, not once. And never on ranked. I may do the same.


Play Championship mode, Ive faced a few good ones on there.


Part of fighting games is that as the game progresses, the character usage will shift in favor of the easier / stronger characters. I don’t think it’s anywhere close to as bad as you’re making it out to be though, not yet. Maybe at CTF, but I haven’t seen that problem online or locally :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear you man. I main Rufus,and am in g2-d. I have only once played another Rufus. I rarely run into Vipers,Fuertes, or Abels. It’s a steady Ryu/Ken stream., with an occasional Sagat for variety.


90% of my game is Champ mode


I play a Viper at least once a day on there. I play 100% champ mode.

Ryu/Ken are the most used online for sure. Sagat/Balrog is a close 2nd and then Zangiefs. Scrubs love the 3P skills!


=( =(


all ive been playing on champ mode is ryu, ken, sagat, blanka, an occasional akuma and a lariating zangief. i rarely play balrogs and by rare i mean if i play 50 matches in a night 2 (if that) are rog mirrors…


sucks that the popular characters are so good. if ryu sagat and ken sucked nobody would have a problem with it lol.


being bored of facing the same ppl i dont think is the real prob, its that u dont get to lrn the other match ups. when u like finally see a viper or something u hav no clue whats going on and get raped


SFIV’s got some boring ass characters. That’s why I pick Viper. I secretly like Sagat though. He’s really bad ass in this one.


I fought 2 Viper’s today, a Gen, a Rufus, and a wild assortment of others. Sure, it is mostly Ken and Ryu’s, but that is to be expected since those are the two most popular characters of the series and they both have the easiest learning curves in my opinion.


Well Friday and Sat in CF is all about money games so it will bring the big boys and their main characters. You are not going to see much people play money games with Dan. Come at night, some times you will catch Justin and Joe.

But point, “its srs bsns.”


I’m pretty lucky, at our arcade almost everyone “specializes” in a character. So I’m the only zangief, we have only one sagat, guile, ken, etc. The only problem is maybe the variety since we basically shun out the scrubs since they don’t want to play us. They just stand and watch.


Ken, Ryu, Gief and Sagat are the only boring characters imo. Everybody else has something going for them that makes them more challenging to play as.

Well, as for Guile, he’s only got 2 moves, thats no fun =[


I main guile, and he is quite fun when people stop playing him as a turtle, and start providing some offense.


Come on man you have to admit it is very effective. I am just starting to main Gief and I am wining more games with him then any one else I have tried with. I fought quite a few Giefs today and a ton of Blankas.

Blanka is the only character I can’t figure out how to handle. I get owned everytime against Blanka.


This is not a good thing.


The only characters who are real borin in this game is everyone in team Shadaloo