Alright I had to ask, which is better MvC3 or MvC2?

Which one do you still enjoy the most, MvC3 or MvC2?
And do you think that MvC2, should or should not still be at tournaments?

If MvC2 received a balance update, I believe it would be better than MvC3.
I think Capcom should make MvC2 open source, and let the community take it over.

I bet some of the pro’s could come up with better balancing than Capcom IMO.

It’s all perferrence.

“rebalancing” MvC2 would require tearing the game down to the barebones and redoing everything.

It’s my favorite game ever, but don’t kid yourself if you think minor tweaks to 85% of the cast would make them viable.


I do know that MvC2 is like one of the only capcom games that didn’t have beta testing.

To be completely objective and scientific this is a comparison that doesn’t hold merit, both games have their unique appeal and were created with different playstyles in mind. Furthermore, we in the fighting game community should understand this and quick wasting our time holding a measuring stick for which game had more valid and competitive gameplay and focus just on the facets of enjoyment that each game provides.

In short, comparing Marvel versus Capcom Two & Three is like comparing oil and vinegar, fire and water, apples and human excrement collected, molded into a compact disc form, and neatly encased in a shiny box with an instruction manual.

I hate you so much Capcom, words fucking fail me.

I remember becoming excited when Seth Killian said, that MvC3 will have more things to explore (I believe he said, possibilitys). I’m sure most of MvC3 has been explored. The only character that has the most variation in game play is Magneto. Most other characters only have minor variations in the BnB combos.

I say Marvel vs Capcom 3. Why? Because I can actually play it.

lol crazy new stuff for Marvel 3 comes out almost every week and even more ground/game breaking stuff comes out every few months. Marvel 3 is still hella new and I believe a lot more has yet to be discovered, people complained about marvel 2 being broke and rejoiced when they heard Marvel 3 was gunna be absent of all that Bullshit. 7 months later and we’ve already proven that marvel 3 is just as broken as Marvel 2 was.

In general Marvel 3 is very infant in its stage of progressing gameplay. Most of the higher level of play even at Evo was bare bones compared to the strats and technology you’ll eventually see in the game. There’s literal strategies with different characters + assists that are far underused or could be put together. I find something new mix up wise out of characters like Wesker like every day. The bnb combo variety won’t ever get as high as MVC2 but that’s mainly because MVC3’s damage in general is higher where it’s not as necessary to base the game around extremely hardcore execution and doing different bnbs just for the sake of doing them. The game will generally revolve more around matchups between characters and assists and figuring out how to use and deal with different resets/mix ups. Each character is very unique in their abilities and assists that will provide a ton of strategies to be brought about for years to come.

The only reason I really like Marvel 3 over Marvel 2 is literally the fact that it’s not like getting into a religion to learn to play and you don’t have to play it for years to stack up to a good players of top tier characters with mid tiers. It generally will be a crazy game just like MVC but everyone will be crazy in their own way that supports a balance among strategies and character variety. There’s some general issues with the game like XF, DHC glitch, Wolverine and how it’s too easy to get 5 meters with Phoenix but that will all change in Ultimate as well.

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I’ve never seen a game that has intrigued me as much as MVC2.

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X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Infinites for everyone!