Alright I need some conframation on the state of the qanba q1 joystick shaft

Alright, so I have removed the shaft and gotten to the point where i got the spring off right? The problem is the pieces that covered the spring would not come off without a huge amount of force. follow this link and skip to 1:45. The pieces he is removing are the piece that for me, would not slide off properly. I had to force a screw driver to push the pieces off to the point where it flung around the room. I need to know if anyone else had this problem with the q1 because right now I have to force these pieces back down just to be able to put it back together.

Yeah, it supposed to be that much force. What you do as you are forcing off the e-clip (most of us use a screw driver) is to also hold down the actuator so the parts don’t go flying across your room.
its supposed to take alot of force to hold down to get that piece back on. The JLF is also one of the easier joysticks to take apart and mod.

You think that hard try taking a part a digital flight joystick from a virtual On controller or a Happ or iL joystick.

I used a flat head screwdrive to get the e-clip off. When I did the pieces didnt just slide off like his, I had to pry it off. I get what your saying now though. The reason his parts were so easy to come was because it was a JLF. Ill have to invest in a JLF lol