Alright I'm Willing To Make An Evolution 2010 DVD

Since a lot of people want to have a DVD set from this years Evolution, I figured I can contribute here. WITH PERMISSION from the Canons or Mr. Wizard, I’m willing to put together a DVD set free of charge and it can be distributed via download. However, if the Canons would like to make money of this than I’m willing to send master copies out to them and they can distribute as they will. Just so long as we have an Evolution 2010 DVD set.:china:

Biggest obstacle right now is footage. If the Cannons are willing to send me footage that would be the easiest way to proceed. However, if this doesn’t happen than I will have to wait until all the footage is uploaded. I’m also not sure about the quality of the footage if I pull it off Youtube in the long run.

So guys, the decision now lies with Mr. Wizard or the Cannons.

Let them know you want a DVD set!

I want a DVD set. Preferably a hard copy set, myself.

although mr. wizard and the cannons would make money off this i have a sneaking suspicion that they won’t do it.

Make it happen! Collections of the full, uncut live stream footage for every game would be the best!

a DVD Trailer would be awesome!!!

I like trailers more than the dvd itself :rofl:

What this guy said

I can only dream…

Dreams come true. :wink:

Although there are others that live to crush those dreams. You know who you are

Please Mr.Wizard!

Sometimes you could have all the factors in the world with promise of success, but some folks can’t take you up on offers. It’s a request to create a product that is a representation of Evo, and your visions and terms of quality may not meet on the same ground.

I do wish we could get the DVD too though.

I wish I could list all the gross, awful things I’d be willing to do just to get srk to start making dvd’s again

@xcfrisco, lol let’s hear the list. On a serious note, a physical copy of the dvd would be cool.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I would be more than willing to purchase a copy of the DVD.


I still want a dvd. but I would still like a highlight reel.

with this guy

A DVD and Blu-Ray would be nice.
But yeah; fk I’ve been waiting a while for the DVD/Blu-Ray now. Make it happen gods of SRK.

agreed on all counts, gentlemen.

On a related note, I would like to see some sort of documentary on both Justin Wong and Daigo, as well as interviews from them on what they think about evo and what drives and motivates them to be the best they can be. These guys are like the gods of fighting games and I’d like to see what they do that makes them so good.

yes definitely a dvd set

While I applaud your enthusiasm, a DVD is not something we want to persue anymore. Also giving permission for a DVD wont happen, as it could look bad on our company brand.

The era of physical DVD’s are over, its all about digital content.