Alright my gamepad just broke off... time to make a stick?


After going through 80-100 hours of fighting games (MvC2, SSF2, and now SFIV), my Saitek P2500 d-pad broke off in the middle of a fight. I am now on the fence on whether I should make a stick or buy a saitek P880 (or do both…?).

If I do buy a stick, my friend told me that I could salvage the old PCB on the gamepad and use it for the stick, which is good, so I would only have to buy whatever is I have to buy to make it. I’ve been eyeballing the Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons.

Anyone has any insight as to what I should do? I’m leaning towards buying a gamepad and using it for the next month or so while I get my act together to make the stick (right now I’m on finals, don’t have time because I need to study). Also if anyone can offer any help on what parts I need to buy and maybe a guide on how to proceed, that’d be great. (I ask for this, because I’m a complete noob and I can’t find a guide that states which parts I need).

What has me confused the most is which of these I should get?

Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable


Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton
Sanwa OBSN-30 Pushbutton

Thanks in advance for any help.


All Sanwa JLF are the same; some just have different prefixes to show what is added on.

Here the six variations listed in Sanwa Catalog:
JLF-TP-8 is Base JLF.
JLF-TP-8Y is Base JLF with the TP-MA (PCB) rotated 90.
JLF-TP-8T is Base JLF with JLF-P-1 (Flat Mounting Plate).
JLF-TP-8YT is Base JLF with the TP-MA (PCB) rotated 90 with JLF-P-1 (Flat Mounting Plate).
JLF-TP-8S is Base JLF with the TP-MA (PCB) rotated 90 with JLF-P-1S (S Mounting Plate).
JLF-TP-8Y-SK is Base JLF with the TP-MA (PCB) rotated 90 with JLF-CD (Shaft Cover).

Of course other variations can be done too:

I’ll just add this for completeness, since it is JLF:
JLF-TM-8 can do; JLF-TM-8T, JLF-TM-8T-SK, JLF-TM-8S, JLF-TM-8S-SK.

So your choice of which Joystick to get.

OBSF-30 is Button that is Snap-in.
OBSN-30 is Button that is Screw-in.

So your choice of which Button to get.

There is maximum and minimum panel thickness for putting in the Snap-in though.
I think it was at least 2mm.
Can go up to 4mm.

For Screw-in, panel can be thin as want.
But thickness can’t be like over 11mm.


Read the stickies. There are a ton of guides that tell you everything you need.