Alright, my mind game is terrible - Need advice

(NOTE : Its a long read, just read “IN SHORT” at the bottom if you don’t have the time or hate “wall of texts”, it should tell you what I’m asking for)

I’ve been playing 3rd Strike alone against the computer for months, only for fun. Over time I developed “some” skill at execution and such but nothing flashy, I’m still a scrub to most people’s definition, and since I’m using a keyboard its a little harder at time to get use to things but I thought I was handling it pretty well.

I played other people for the first time yesterday and it hit me : my mind game now sucks. Its terrible. I don’t get destroyed over better executions, I just lose to, sometimes even the most ridiculous mind games (seriously, getting hit 3-4 times in a row by a low HK or low MK - tatsu combo is humiliating). Obviously the computer didn’t gave me any mind games with my training, and the thousands of pro videos I watched didn’t gave me any mind games either.

So I’m looking for a few advice in 2 particular but extremely important points. I use various character as well, so I need something that fits not just one character and that can enhance my gameplay a little, if thats possible.

First - offense. I often don’t know what to do from a bit far - I try to poke properly and know what pokes beat the other guy’s favorite poking game and else but I rarely know how to get in or how to vary my attacks. I try to use dash as a mind game tool, but a good half of the time I end up jumping to attack, and that gets me punished. When I’m up close and personal, I rarely know what to do, should I be expecting something? I almost always get supered (because I’m so predictible) or just hit by anything. I rarely can get my offense going, even with say, Makoto, although sometimes I can get it well - but I stink with Akuma’s offense even if I try.

Second - corner. When I’m cornered, I’m dead, and I don’t know how to pressure someone in a corner. Not even with Dudley. Trying to do anything gets me hit, not trying anything makes me thick throwed, trying to just block doesn’t do me any good, and I just don’t know what I should do other than EX Shoryu or Uppercut if thats a possibility - if not I just randomly try to throw out a move or jump out of it.

IN SHORT, I need mind games advice about how to be offensive and achieve some mind games pressure, and how to react when you’re cornered and against pressure, and also to mind games in general.

Rewatch videos with an emphasis on what they do for mindgames, and read the character forums for character specific stuff.

this comes with game experience, but to start, start by always doing something diffrent then what you just did especially after a knockdown. go from low to overhead to grab to baiting, then evrything else will come.

defensive, once u get more of the feel of the game you will know what to do and it will work 50 percent of the time, wether u have to parry high or low or block high or low or simply get out of here because he might grab you.

evrything comes with experience

Playing against the computer does not help you with any strategies. People react differently than the computer will.

tell me how do yall play against each other? Xbox live? EVery1 i play against i destroy which makes me wish for a challenge but yall would prolly rip me

Lot of people who don’t have local competition to play on 2DF ( or GGPO ( it’s better in my opinion to learn the game playing against someone with a bit of lag then it is to learn the game playing the computer. Since the computer doesn’t react like a human, especially when it comes to pressuring on wakeup, in the corner, various situations.

There are a lot of options when cornered, sometimes you just have to get a feel for what you think is coming, there’s no one strategy to get out of the corner, since everything becomes punishable if you do it all the time. Mix it up. A lot of moves can be seen and blocked or parried on reaction, some overheads are slow enough for you to initially block low, see it coming, and correct yourself. So it just comes from experience. Also if you’re playing Akuma, especially for like aegis setups, just teleport out.

please explain how this 2d fighter works and the dont d/l thing if you have IE

btw i noticed you live in GA. So do I

is it like 3rdstrike on your pc?

Sort of

hmm so my question is. Do i play it on my pc or my ps2? do i use my PS2 controller? Do i need a specific wire or something? thx a bunch

PM me, if i go into details. I’ll get in trouble.

did you read it yet?

i don’t get why a lot of players “dance” around… i just don’t understand it after watching COUNTLESS videos.

the same reason why Bruce Lee used to dance around

the thing is, i understand the overall purpose of it, but i don’t get what they’re doing. is there is scheme for doing it, or is it just random wiggling?

also, i don’t get tech throwing… when i jump in and throw, why do i get thrown and not teched? is there a part of the landing where i can’t tech out? or is it that if i get thrown out of my throw animation, do i get assed out and i can’t tech because i was “thrown out of an attack”

Wiggling the stick can just show you’re active.
Random parry… (You shouldn’t wiggle your stick for random parry though…)
I usually do it when I want to throw out a Cr.Mk (With Ken)

Or when you’re bored.

I dunno about the throw though… Iv’e always been a “jump near opponent -> Kara-Throw” With Akuma…

i do the kara throw on stick. i’m currently playing on pad though. i have no ps2 stick.

Ouch, Kara throw’s impossible on pad.

Dancing around is sometimes done on wake up to kinda shade what you’re going to do on wake up. It allows you to move a bit as you’re waiting the opponent to wake up and you can move backwards or forwards in the last sec to move away from a shoryuken or move back in and meaty them with an attack. Just mind games really. Like Daigo said…it’s better than simply standing still in the same place and it’s a lot better than jumping around.

the wiggling keeps people from feeling safe about making an aggresive move towards you because you could cause their move to whiff and punish it.
for example i play chun who has a very fast walk speed, when i am walking back and forth I am going in and out of different ranges which are dangerous.
for example you walk back and forth in and out of max makoto dash range she no longer feels safe about dashing in karakusa or something because it has a good chance of whiffing if i take a step back when she dashes it could mean free super if chun is metered.