Alright Northwest

Pizzakiller representing Montana has plans to show up for Round 3 in Seattle. This will be my first… serious tourney, if you want to call it that. Over here I kind of dominated the opposition. Not quite sure there’s any other word for it. I would like some suggestions on where to stay near the area where the tourneys at, and if there are places I should hit up before heading out. I have no car, being the poor bastard I am, but I can get enough money to bus or cab places. If any of you have 360 version, I would love to get in some matches with you for some serious practice. So… hoping not to embarass Montana and at least make a decent attempt at winning.

When is round 3? Maybe you’ll be in town for a session at zach’s house. Anyways good luck to you and I’ll be down to play you anytime.

What is “Round 3”?

Anyways, welcome to…whatever it is you’re planning to attend in our area, on whatever game. Good luck, soldier! :tup:

Round 3 as in the Gamestop tournament @ Tukwila…Did you compete in that Airthrow?

Round 3 of the Gamestop tournament is gonna be at Tukwila on the 14th.

I’ll be there. Not competing, but yeah I’ll be there.

Hmm. I should see if the Portland people have carpool room for that. I wouldn’t be competing, but it’d be sweet to meet a bunch of you.

Glad to see Montana representing, by the way. :tup:

Still real, just not standard for most tournaments. I think that’s obvious to everyone. No need to insult the man with statements like “padwarrior crap tournies at gamestop do not prove anything.” He made it to round 3, and that’s pretty hot.

You’re right it sounded like I was criticizing or insulting HIM when in actuality I just have a bone to pick with the stupidity that was the gamestop tournament system. I deleted my post because I came across completely wrong.

But for real Pizzakiller, come to any of our local tournies or wait for July (I think?) for Northwest Majors. :tup:

Thanks for the support, guys. As much as I am used to a pad, I understand it’s not the “best” tool to use for fighting games. But to me, it’s about having the best tool. I won through punishing mistakes with basic bread and butter combos and creating mistakes through basic mixup. I believe I will need a proper stick when the time comes, but I don’t think I won through pure luck or mindgames. I would love to test my skills at Northwest Majors though. Let’s see how I do at round 3 and I will decide. I am not THAT good but good enough to compete I think. I hope to rep Montana and see what I’m capable of.