Alright SRK, how can we fix Sentry?

It seems like every time the Sentry is mentioned here in the comic forums, he is shitted on by the general viewers, and with good reason.

Not since his initial appearence in his mini-series and one-shots, no one has gotten him right. Either playing to much off his anguished psyche, or using him for dumb muscle.

I always thought he was an interesting concept, and even though he is based on another super powered hero I adore (Big “S” on his chest as well) I like him. Which is what really bugs me about all of this misuse, I’m seeing a character I initially enjoyed being used for all the wrong reasons.

Some other characters recently have gone under the same flak, like Spider-Man and Wolvie, but unlike Sentry they were previously established. Being the flagship characters they are, Spidey and Wolvie can’t just “Go away”, but Sentry can.

So SRK citizens, what would you do to fix this situation? Could be anything really, do away with him, change his look/perspective, etc.

My own idea would to permanently seperate Sentry/Robert from the Void, putting his own evil persona in a different body. Void would still retain his half of Robert’s memories though, thereby setting up various storylines down the road. I would also establish his own rogues gallery (Sense the only one’s really seen are The Void and The General).

I would also deal with his psyche problems, but on a slow and gradual basis, conquering one fear at a time.

Also I wouldn’t make it a fucking tie-in, since that kills most series.

Plain and simple the character needs to be killed off. He’s too powerful for his own good. Dude took down Doctor Doom in one punch. I hope either Thor or Captain Marvel lay the smacketh down on his candy a$$ in Secret Invasion since they both Sentry and Thor appeared in the same issue. Most likely Thor though in all cases since he is at Odin levels right now.

Let the Void take over and then have the heroes kill him.

This. End of discussion.

WIN :tup:

Just let Jenkins write him again.

lol@ too powerful. come on now…like thats ever stopped any company before. you make a darkseid equiv to balance out his power. you get rid of this void nonsense. you get the fucker a shrink and your good to go.

Define his powers. Power of 1,000 exploding suns what the hell does that even mean? So if he punches someone full strength he could destroy 1,000 universes? Is anyone buying that? In WWH all his punches could do is blow up a couple of bulidings, and he still lost to Hulk. :rofl:

Get him away from Bendis. ASAP. He has a way of making powerful characters weak as hell. LOL at Dr. Strange fighting Ninjas, you gotta be freaking kidding me. :looney:

Get him off any and all Avengers teams for now. He hasn’t earned that right yet. Give him a solo book, yes Jenkins writing him again is the best solution.

Have him kill some more villains. I thought him flying Carnage up to space and ripping him in half was the coolest thing he ever did. Or have him beat some powerful people up. Show us how powerful he is Marvel. I got Marvel Universe books and books AND BOOKS of villains who aren’t doing anything, sitting there and collecting dust. Shuma-Gorath, not going anywhere? Try getting your ass kicked by Sentry. :wgrin:

That’s all I got…

An exploding sun wouldn’t destroy a universe.

Millions of stars have gone supernova but we still have our universe.

If they’re not going to kill him or make him a villain, they should start showing how powerful he really is.

Have him kick Silver Surfers ass and then single handedly defeat Galactus.

Well, a solar system just about? The explanation of his powers still makes no sense. I’d almost rather they just up and said “Dat dere Sentry is stronger den dat dere superman ain’t dat right billy joe bob?” “Yep, yep, dat’s right boss!” See, that explanation I can understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure it’s an editorial mandate from up top to constantly portray him as irredeemably pathetic.

It’s #3 behind “no smoking” and “shit on Tony Stark”.

Actually, I suggest you should rename this thread to “What I would do if I was Marvel and/or DC Editor-in-Chief” and we can outline all the stuff we would change on both companies.

i’d make joe fat mexican dinner lick my boots all day cuz my hate towards him is unrivaled. id rape the corpses of his dead ancestors just so he can feel the sting.

Just throw the Sentry on the Guardians of the Galaxy squad. I’m sure they could use his strength. To me he always seemed like a cosmic hero than an Avenger.

Wasn’t the point of Guardians of the Galaxy that they came out of the Annihilation story line? I don’t think Sentry was part of that. The only person that should be remotely part of that team (and I think the team is fine as it is) should be Nova.

throw him into the sun

Surfer has the Power Cosmic. Sentry would get his ass handed to him…then again…Hulk knocked Silver Surfer unconcious with three punches. When you fight a man that can re-arrange molecules…that ain’t good.

Interesting theories so far, but it seems the general opinion is the ever popular “Kill 'em” route lol.

I think the cosmic suggestion isn’t that bad, maybe he has a sabbatical in space, then Sentry deals with a bunch of cosmic beings and other fall out’s from Annihilation.

Also Pained Auron, would a sun even kill him? Since he has the power of “A 1000 exploding suns” I don’t think one un-exploded sun could Highlander him.

it’s actually the power of a million exploding suns. no it would probably not kill him. but it’d still be funny.

Forgot a few 0’s in my sleep deprived stupor.

…Yeah, it would be funny.

Make him comatose and a vegetable and throw him on the moon so he could help Uatu watch and shit.

Dead serious.