First of hi everyone!
Im new here and I hope this hasnt been asked to often. I live in Germany and I started playing SFIV since yesterday. Now I always wanted to learn games like these with an Arcade Stick, just my HORI Arcade Fightin Stick 2 broke last week >_>. Im looking for a new one possible from 0-120, japanese layout. I tried finding an SFIV Madcatz stick but no luck… Any help?
Thanks in advance!

Keep an eye on e-bay in the following months, if you can wait that long. The Madkatz fightstick is coming back soon.

And expect these are there any other sticks, which are very good and fitting for SFIV?

Any stick with good parts will work with SF really well. As long as there are at least two rows of three buttons you’ll be fine.

Popular sticks:

Hori Real Arcade Pro (all versions)
Hori Real Arcade EX
SFIV Tournament Edition
SFIV Standard Edition
Hori Fighting Stick 3
Hori Fighting Stick EX

Go with what fits your price range - the best are the HRAPs.

Wilkommen zum SRK! Ich war in Deutschland fur zwei Wochen ein paar Jahren vor, und ich habe das Land sehr toll gefindet. =)

Hope my German is ok - haven’t used it in a while. ^^;;

Ah thanks but to be honest I have no idea which one to choose at all ~.~

Haha, your german is fine for not being here that long

Ah - what’s your price range? If you’re not willing to put down big bucks now, think about getting a cheaper one first and then upgrading/modding it later. What console do you own?

Ich habe Deutsch fur sieben Jahren in meine Schule gelernt. =)

he said in the first post that it’s max. 120Euro. Any HRAP is more expensive than this maximum. The SF4 would be alright, it costs 70Euro in Germany. You can buy any cheap stick but I’d go for the cheapest then. Even the normal Hori sticks suck.

By the way: Get a PS2 stick and a PS3 adapter. Also check and I’ll help you find a stick. :3

many of my friends are buying Hori Fighting Stick 3’s. They are fairly cheap and aren’t that bad.

Hori Fighting Stick 3 = 40-50$
Hori Real Arcade Pro 3= 100$+

Well as I said from 0 to 120? For the PS3 please.

Du machst zwar noch fehler aber verstehen kann man alles :tup:

EDIT : Didnt see the other posts >> Big thanks for your helps guys. I’d love to have a SFIV stick but cant find one at all >> + to be honest the HORI Fighting Stick 3 looks horrible, I had the version 2 and after a time a was so dissapointed. Im not much into modding and I rather have a Stick thats all nice from start on. Max I’d do would change the Artwork

A Tekken 5 stick w/ adapter for PS3 works well. It’s not arcade perfect, but it should be nicer than the HFS3 at any rate.

The SE stick is nice but ridiculously hard to find - advantage there is easier modding.

Yeah im feeling this right now T_T How come play-asia and all the other sites dont have them anymore ?

They stopped making T5s - they still show up on ebay though. =)