Alt costumes

i downloaded a ssf4 costume pack and it installed it and what not but when i play ssf4 nothing has changed. What could be the problem?. I’ve reinstalled more than once. It’s on ps3 btw

So when you select your character there isn’t a costume option above the color option? Are you sure you downloaded the SSFIV costume pack, and not the SFIV costume pack?

yeah i’m positive its an ssf4 only costume pack. the ultra brawlers pack.

At the risk of sounding completely obvious, are you sure you’re picking a character that uses said pack?

yeeaaaaahh im gonna ask this same question

Neither Rufus, fuerte, Abel, Zangief or Honda have alts. Has this happened to anyone else?

Did you download the complete pack or just a few of the individual costume packs?

It turns out that my copy of ssf4 is an American copy and my Australian dlc doesn’t work on it. Thanks for the help though.

damn, that sucks.