Alt Fighters


Thread dedicated to alt fighters in a sort of search of mine to find something new. I’m looking for some different 3d fighters besides vf/doa/tekken in particular. I know about kof mi, and I’m stoked for TekvCapcom.

On 2d… meh anything that doesn’t look really lame, like world theater.


Its like a thread about not wanting to check any other thread on FGD. FUCKING AMAZING!


Did I mention that I know about these? I’m sorry. I mention that I know about these.
By alt I mean games people haven’t really heard of, may have stumbled upon, and are good. Not alt as in games that have their own threads. Predictable guy is predictable. Have a nice day.


He’s not the only one that’s predictable.


that includes you


Also, go play Star Gladiator.


I am simply letting you know of your error in the culturally acceptable way. Sir, at most, you were expecting a response from anybody, not from me. Ironically enough there is a thread that houses the names of pretty much any fighting game that has ever existed. But since you don’t want to search the forums, we can’t help.


Did someone say [media=youtube]hAW2EkEhnUQ&feature=related#t=0m21s"[/media]?