Do you guys remember those “primitive” bulletin boards from the 1990s? I think I posted on there back in 2000 and 1999 as well. started in 1993 and started in 1992!

An example of a post in 1992 for CE…

It is good to know the old generation had just as many retards

Guile’s “Whip Kick” , "Razor Kick"
Ryu’s “Force Ball”, “Helicopter”

Haha, the good o’ days

Lol yeah. Remember Chun Li’s “Wind Kick,” Dictator’s “Flaming Torpedo” (write your own jokes!), or Honda’s “Lightning Hand?” :rofl: I remember EGM giving the moves names like these in the feature when SF2 was announced for the SNES.

I started reading agsf2 and rgva in like 97. I’m so old.

d. Streetfighter III

             1)  It exists! -- bullshit; some people are confused and think
                 Fatal Fury is SF3 (not)
             2)  It's in production, and will be available soon! -- false,
                 don't expect to see it until 1993

I read everything I can find by Jeff Schaefer.

Solid strats, and the FIRST HATER EVER.

He argued w/ almost everybody… unless you were from LA. LA IS THE BEST, NOBODY BEATS LA.

What yr/months did he post?

If you want a laugh, you should go check out some old posts where Stiltman gets flamed into the ground by either inkblot or Ponder, I forget. Laugh, and then realise that it was Stiltman who was most responsible for helping Dave Sirlin mess with the assembly code that facilitated HDR’s rebalancing.

Actually, “Flaming Torpedo” was used pretty much as the official name until SFA came out.

Good shit.

Brings me back, man.

sniffle, sniffle

That’s really cool these are archived.

I wish I would have known about these when I was a little kid – I just used whatever boards Prodigy had. I remember going to the arcade, playing MKII and seeing fatalities NOT YET PUBLISHED IN GAMEPRO oh man. Had no idea where they got their info.

Actually the SFII CE cabinets sometimes had the names of the moves on it, and it did say “Psycho Crusher” for the “Flaming Torpedo”. “Head Stomp” and something else.

As for Claw it had Crystal Ball Flash, Izuna Drop, and Barcelona Attack.