Alt options for dreamcast stick?

So, after waiting about 5 years, i finally bought myself a dreamcast. I figure i should start looking around for arcade sticks, but it seems like the best ones (agetec or ascii) are going to be hard to find, or expensive as hell.

So besides trying to swipe one from ebay or something, are there any other options? I know there’s always the, open a controller and solder it, but i suck with an iron, and would probably go through 12 controllers before getting a single button done correctly.

I know there’s always the PS2 stick and adapter options, but PS2 sticks seem just as rare, and more expensive than DC sticks.

So what are my other options? anything? any good places outside of ebay to find a dreamcast/ps2 stick?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

If you can’t solder a DC controller yourself (or find someone to do it), getting a pre-hacked PS1 dualshock controller + ps-to-dc converter is the next best thing. You won’t get bluescreens like many MAS sticks are known to give (at least the recent versions). Total Control Plus (by EMS) works perfectly with no lag to play your PS1/2 controllers on your Dreamcast. You can buy these on ebay by searching on ‘total control plus’. Even better than just a Dreamcast controller, you will be able to use this same controller/joystick on your PS1, PS2, and even other systems (like your PC) provided you have the right converters.

Then take the prehacked-psone controller and wire it up to a joystick shell (ErikStanton was selling a MAS shell here :, then you’re set to go. Just note that ErikStanton’s stick is gonna need 4 cherry microswitches, too. Fortunately, Mixah has the parts you need here for $5: .

PM me if you want the wired-up PSOne pad, and I can get you going since I sell pre-wired PSOne dualshock controllers. I can even get you a solderless PSOne dualshock pad (type A late model or type M) if you want to save a little money and hook up the wires yourself.

AK, i cant pm yet, but how many pre-wired pcbs do you currently have? Thanks

I have more than 25 at this point, but number is dwindling. Let me know if you’re interested.

They are $33 each + shipping (typically $5 for priority 2-3 day shipping to the US). I can wire with quick disconnects or prongs, whichever you prefer (included in price).