Alt Outfits?

I’ve seen that certain characters have alt outfits (Andy, Kyo, Elizabeth, Yuri…) and I’ve been told you press select for them, but I can’t access them.

any ideas?

At color select, press select (ps3) back (360) over specific characters

Ralf K’ Takuma have them too

Thats just it though, I press back, and they don’t change. Am I suppossed to do something specific for it?

After you select the character and the option to pick your color comes up that’s when you press select/back.

Also, if you purchase Mr. Karate, Iori and the Fire and Flames, or NESTS Kyo, you can press select/back over Takuma, Iori, or Kyo to get the “alternate character” with a completely different moveset.