Alt solder points on older 360 wireless

anybody have a diagram, picture or list of what to solder where on the back

You mean this?

or this posting:

i think that second link is what im looking for. im having trouble getting solder to stick on the main pads, ive already scraped the hell out of them

Are you using flux? Makes it a lot easier to solder to the front points.

Just to add to Nitro’s comment, make sure you use flux, and the pad you are soldering to is clean.

i am using silver bearing solder, i asumed the flux was imbedded in it. what do clean the pcb off with? thanks for all your help

Rubbing alcohol to clean the PCB, don’t want rubber crud or surface sealant screwing up the solder.

Silver bearing solder? That should have a rosin flux core, if its acid, you’ve got the wrong kind, acid flux will ruin PCBs. Hopefully its labeled on the spool.

Another question, what kind of soldering iron do you have? And how many watts?
Silver bearing solder takes more heat to melt, than the typical 60/40 solder for electronics.

25 watt iron, .032 solder. im thinkin that the rubber coating or what ever that stuff is, ever scratched off is my problem will try the alcohol. thank you

the damn little pieces i solder to, two of them broke. i fixed them the best i could, i put am ohm meter on them they are not OL. will it work?

my A button is toast. i need an alternate soler point for the signal side

sorry for such a huge picture, trying some things with[URL=“”]