Altered Beast


Altered Beast is a Sega game back in 1988. It was an adventure game that involved a hero transforming into different forms of beasts and defeat a demon.

Later on in PS2, Project Altered Beast was created, but wasn’t successful in the US. It involved a hero in the modern era not connected to the last game’s story.

Does anyone want a reboot? If yes, how would you do that?

  • Have a company buy it from Sega?
  • How would you fix the story in order for it to connect to ancient times and modern times?
  • How would you make the gameplay a beat’em up/hack & slash/third-platform game?

For me, I give it to…

  • Namco Bandai
  • Capcom
  • Platinum Games
  • Konami
  • Ninja Theory




How about a game called Altered Priest?

It stars a Catholic Priest that turns into a raving, pill popping, furfag at night. The goal of the game is to grind on as many children and fat people as possible while collecting shitty pornographic fan-art. First day dlc will be your choice of costumes such as Mickey Mouse, a My little Pony suit with color edit, and the Lord of Darkness which changes your characters voice into Tim Curry.


#1- Altered Beast was 80’s, not 1994.
#2- Hack & slashes are beat’em ups. Weapons use doesn’t change that(otherwise Golden Axe is a hack & slash…whaaa?).
#3- Sega couldn’t care less about reviving old Ips.
#4- A classic game/concept for sure, but just doesn’t have the interest for another party to go through the trouble prying it out of Sega’s IP coffin to revive.
#5- There are arguabley much more appealing Sega franchises that could be revived instead(ex: SOR), which are sadly still rotting nonetheless.



I like how he thought the Sega port was the original. It did help out the Genesis a LOT by being a launch title though.

What we all really want to see is another BLoofy Roar.


Sega genesis is my favorite system, but lets be real, Altered Beast sucks.


Honestly…take a sandbox style game wand mix in Beast augmentation to achieve certain feats, whether they be combat based or puzzle based, and you’d have a solid start.


the game is from 1988, not 1994, by that time Sega was already agonizing


OOPS! Hehe. That was Brutal: Paws of Fury. My bad.

Guess if no one wants to bring back Altered Beast, make a new wereanimal action adventure game.


These avatars are killing me. They are all different. It’s kinda cool actually.


New Bloody Roar would actually be awesome.


Something like Hokuto Musou or the Platinum Anarchy game might work. Honestly Altered Beast doesn’t have much room for improvement and should probably stay buried.

When was the last time an old school game was updated for modern times, and wasn’t completely shit and didn’t betray the original games? Metal Gear?


Same here, even though i had an NES & SNES first and loved the hell out of Mario world. Sega won me over with their great presentation and software.

The model 1 Genesis is a sexy beast. Even the AVGN couldn’t deny this.

WTF? Altered Beast rocks!

Classic old-school arcade action. Always fun to revisit.


Altered Beast already had a reboot, but it was only released in Japan and Europe. The game did not do so great, it seems.

Probably safe to say the game is done.


Well if they can’t bring Altered Beast back, maybe do a new game “with” the animal morphing system!

Something that is hack&slash/beat’em up/third platform/puzzles.


I am the real Altered Beast.


^^ That does not count. It was made by an over-the-hill Sega. When Sega quit hardware they didn’t just exit the console wars, but also their motivation to keep putting out great software took a hit as well. As evident by that mediocre new Golden Axe title.


Say what you will, the game did not do well. Bringing the game back is probably looked as a huge risk for publishers. Hell, the name is so old that is likely unrecognizable by most of today’s demographic. You could make a bad ass action-adventure game about guys turning into werewolves and slapping on the name “Altered Beast” wouldn’t make a difference.


Did anyone come in here and shit on Altered Beast yet?

@orochizoolander on point again.


If Altered Beast cannot be revived easily due to the last one, how about some gaming company create a new game with that kind of theme?

Give it to Capcom or Bandai Namco.

If you created a game with an animal morphing theme, what would you call it along with creating the characters, story & gameplay? Its gotta be something like Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, Ben 10 & Assassin’s Creed.