Altering Tototek SNES and Genesis adapters


I heard Tototek adapters are good if you have a PS2 or PS1 controller and want to play SNES, NES, and a few other systems. Delay times are low enough where a speed runner would be the only one who could possibly notice.

One problem, the default mapping are optimized for a Dual Shock 2, and not for a fight stick. Twice I sent an order to Tototek with custom button mappings that are more in like to a Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick going to a 3x2 matrix, and twice I’ve been refunded.

Gory details most readers can skip

The default PS2 arrangement assumes the following:


Converts to on SNES:


which makes perfect sense for a pad.

Genesis is a little more difficult:



A little compromised, btu that’s what modern consoles do for the Genesisi

By the way the start and select/mode map where they should to start and select.

And OS buttons toggle things like raid fire.

My SF15 stick has the following arrangement

^ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

which it were button mapped like a joypad would be on SNES


I would not prefer this layout. I’d prefer the one used in Street Fighter games as well as platforming games with a joystick, namely


(but how would that wrk for most other games, like Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct? But you have to admit if you’re going to pick one base arrangement for most games, the above would be it. Right?)

Genesis is even worse literally button for button mapped on my SF15:


My preferred arrangement, which probably most back-in-the-day Genesis owners would agree would be:


Then there’s the complications for it being right handed, but my solution is most games work when mirrored horizontally with you index on the light attacks, but I’ll compensate for that on my own.

Now there are 2 questions at play? Can a typical “joystick pad-hacker” easily hook up the appropriate pins on a DE37 cable to the appropriate actuators on a real SNES and Genesis joypad? How easy is it? Is $1.50-$2 a pin a reasonable cost for a pad hacker? thast’s about 13 or 14 wires, so that’s $17-$28 a stick for SNES and Genesis complexity.

The other issue is the Tototek. They sell for $22 each plus shipping from China. First of all, are the Tototeks easy enough for someone like me to get it working thew way I want, meaning someone who never handled a soldering gum, and doesn’t know programming except for some second college semester C++, and whose computer is a macintosh and is afraid to go into terminal mode?

If I’m going to have my guy do it I’d pay for the adapter plus his tinkering, add to that that Tototek adds what some would call “cheat features” like rapid fire, is it just worth getting it pad hacked on my new controller, and forget about my SF15 for SNES and Genesis?

Is it also possible to get the SF15 DE37 modded with both a right and left handed arrangement, and just take out the default Nuby PCB and use hand wired PBCs for the PS1 (plus extra adapters), and the other PCBs I get hooked up, that come in and out with a pull?

I think I talked myself out of Tototek adapter and talked myself into getting the SF15 DE37 modded instead of the default Nuby PS2/Xbox controller scheme. Anyone else think that’s smart?


I agree that ToToTEK has been a letdown with respect to the button mappings… I hope RJ-45 cables for consoles other than the PS1/PS2 and the DC, for use with the McCthulhu and the Brook Retro, start being sold sometime soon…

The Genesis is another problem… :frowning:


My (not uniquely mine, but one I borrowed of SRK and thought-modified a little) solution will work with everything, but requires a PCB sacrifice for each console… unless you have PS2 adapter for the following consoles: Dreamcast, Original Xbox. Game Cube, 360, PS3, Wii/Wuii U classic, and Xbox One. The only PS2-> other adapter I need is Saturn. And wire a naked controller to a DE37 and then connect the PS2 or other PCB to easily swap in and out.

The final things I need and where I can get them, for those who want older systems than Dreamcast.

A few final things I’ll need to eventually be complete: These controllers wired to DE37: SNES, Genesis 6 button, TG16, 3DO, Jaguar, and because I own a Ms Pac Man, Forgotten Worlds, Golden Axe 2 and Wheel of Fortune CD, Genesis 3 button.

Plus I found a few things elsewhere, with only one of those things needing extra labor:

Edladdin has a 7800 adapter and a Colecovision neo-Fight PCB (this is the part that needs labor). Raphnet has an SNES-> NES adapter and (possibly, not sure if it works with a double adapter or not) GC->N64 Adapter being plugged into a PS1 controller. :s Bohoki has a 15-port PC to 5200 adapter, and I’m hoping an NES style Joypad has the right circuits to convert digital presses into an analog-native format for the 5200. For Sega Master and Astrocade, I think a direct DE37-> SMS and direct DE37->Bally would work right. And for Intellivision, some one on Atariage is making Genesis-> INTV and Jaguar-> INTV adapters. (stupid 16 way joysticks, and binary encoding of all possible interdependent states.)


Here’s a link to a 2009 conversation about a hypothetical PS2 to Neo Geo adapter:

Notice he’s talking about button combinaiotns and other people were barking suggestions this was 8 years beofre I was interested in Tototek adapters.

Notice Tomy, the owner of Tototek, said, it will take some time but yes, he’ll do custom mappings. It was this conversation that made me thing that Tototek did custom remappings. But that was 8-10 years ago. What happened?

I also came up with “the ultimate solution to remappings”. A Dreamcast Alloy stick and a PS2 Shadow Blade from interact has button and joystick macros. You can for example have right equal a rightward dragon punch. it was a pretty versatile system. It would have helped me in my stick, except for 2 reasons. One is people would debate cheat legality debate, and the other is the fact that the analog button erases the programming.

That tech could be used to make a button mapper, and if t can work from PS2->PS2 and then from a PS2-> other system adapter, then that would come in handy, and no one would complain about their default mapping being wrong. Those who want rapid fire and other cheats will have it, and those who don’t won’t. Plus there’d be tournament legal lights which light up if no rapid fires, no macros, no simul-presses, and when it’s SOCD legal, so there’d be no question that the stick is set up right.

And one last key side effect is that it can righthand a left handed stick.