Alternate 1 Costume Packs?


Hello, I have been playing SSFIV for only a short while but I have purchased all of the costume packs available in the XBOX live marketplace. (I am sorry, I am guilty of falling victim to the DLC).

I main Bison and can not seem to be able to use his alternate 1 costume even though I have bought every costume pack! Do I need to complete his trials in order to be able to use it? I love playing as a pink ranger :stuck_out_tongue: But I would like to play in his half torn short get up. Which pack specifically would this costume be located in? Thanks!


Go buy it in the original SF4’s marketplace/store. You don’t need to own SF4 to have access to SF4’s first dlc pack. For some reason, they didn’t ever put up the first costume pack in the SSF4 store, so you have to go the SF4’s marketplace to find it.


Thank you so much. I was just able to figure out how to access the marketplace online and it is now waiting to be downloaded onto my XBOX360. We’ll see if it works in the morning when I get home. Thanks so much for the assistance, I never would have figured that out.