Alternate 100% stun and/or 1 combo kill

im not sure if you guys already knwo this combo, but i made another one

Click here to watch makoto-kill-combo

its bad quality because its recorded on my phoen but it goes
SAII, jump+forward, hcb mk, hcf mp, hcb hk, hp–>hcf hp, hcb hk, hp–>hcf hp, (stunned) then do what ever you want

edit: its not fullproof after the grabs the opponent could do somethign to stop it

The opponent could avoid the first grab too. None of that is guaranteed after the MK reset.

yeah i kept trying to re-edit it but it won tlet me

I must have lost a few hundred iq points by reading this topic.

Now i’m as stupid as the rest of you.

This shit is practical. Really. I’ve done it before. It was like a really hard person too. but since i did this shit, I defeated the great AI Gill.

oh my god. hahaha.

I love the term “kill combo”, really, it just says it all now doesn’t it?

(psst, that’s not a combo)