Alternate button config for Juri? (on stick)

I just purchased my first stick a couple weeks ago and am re-learning Juri, my main. Unfortunately, the stick isn’t magically solving all the problems I had holding fireball stores on a pad. (My hands just cannot do “the claw”.) Although the stick’s buttons are certainly an improvement, I’m heavily experimenting with alternate button configs on it, primarily focusing on putting the kick buttons on the top row. Anyone else use this regularly? Or tried but discounted it for some reason?

I’m trying lots of different places for the punch buttons, including using the 4th button on the top row, under my pinky finger, for HP. But MP is so difficult to hit that I can’t kara throw at all, and I’m seriously considering modifying the stick physically. I’m thinking of a 3rd row with at least one button in it, if not two, that the thumb can roam over…

But first I wanted to see what group knowledge we had regarding this.

I use:


I can hold standard fireballs with my index and middle finger, there aren’t often times you will want to store and hold anti-air fireball while holding onto other fireballs and doing combos and moves, so I usually shift my hands over and let my middle finger hold it so my index finger can still do general moves and my ring finger can reach HP if necessary.

Never had a problem with that setup.

I like using the kick buttons on top and and punch buttons on bottom.

Lk mk hk kkk
Lp mp hp ppp

Use my pinky for hp and ppp (u1). I like holding fireballs with index and middle finger. Ring finger and thumb are for punch buttons usually. Some people apparently dont use their thumbs. I like to use my thumb, index, ring finger for kara. Ring finger for kara everything though. Ring and middle for focus attack. I dont know for other people though with finger placement stuff. Maybe I’m just weird. Just try to keep playing and testing and it’ll feel natural eventually.

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I just use standard layout, with 3P and 3K on the far right. I don’t actually use 3K, and only use 3P to do U1 while holding a fireball. Thumb for lk, index for lp/mp, middle for mk/hp, ring for hk, pinky for 3P. I do have trouble doing focus attacks while holding lk this way though - I kind of have to mash mk with the first knuckle of my middle finger while pressing mp with index. Kara throw = thumb, index, middle.

Most people use standard layout for SF4, but in Juri’s case you’re going to get lots of weirdness. Best to just experiment until you find what works for you. It might take some time to get used to awkward finger movements, like my knuckle masher.

Hm. I am of course trying to get a good layout that I can do with a minimum of moving my hands & fingers around. I watch other Juri players play and it looks very disruptive to keep a store. It’s like we must learn combos multiple times depending on which fingers are free, and our subsequent inputs are slowed or off-point because of awkward anatomy issues, and it’s a big tell to tournament opponents what we’re up to. I’d really like to get away from this Itsy-Bitsy Spider minigame, and since I’m learning my first stick, it’s kinda now-or-never.

Voidstar, I really don’t like knuckle-mashing, and am amazed at your diagonal finger placement. MK/HP?! Props if it works for you, but I have enough trouble trying to get my pinky to depress on a strict timetable that I don’t even want to attempt knuckles. Using Lion_Jak’s config, I can’t hardly hit the 2nd row with my ring finger at all, unless I arch my palm really high off of the controller. (I have long, thin fingers.)

Assuming a physical mod to the stick, I might try:

…LP… 3P

This would allow me to hit all buttons comfortably including EX Counter even with 3 stores, but I still couldn’t kara-throw. Swapping MP & HP makes MP combos and FADCs awkward since MP is on the pinky. Basically, assuming 3 stores, I have to play the game with thumb & pinky only. If I want that EX counter, air HP, Feng Shui activate, full combo using 3 stores and as much meter as possible, as well as crazy FADC combo into air MP, EX wall-bounce, U2, and still zone T. Hawk for days, what config limits me the least?
Juri’s LP gets the least use of all her buttons (right?), so:

…HP … 3P

Throw could be mapped to a button instead of 3K, making kara-throws easier but U2 trickier.

…LP … thr

Anyone see anything better? Any problems with any of the above?
Anyone use the “palm” of the hand much in a game, such as where old Mortal Kombat cabinets put their block button?

EDIT: ignore the … it’s just for spacing in this crazy editor.

Are you disabled in some way or another? If not, I’d seriously advise to just… practice… instead of giving up after some weeks and trying some whatever.

Go with the standard layout. Some people switch the punch and kick buttons, but I’d just keep it the way it’s intended to be. Juri works out excellently in the standard layout (Kara throw for example)

Yeah. I’m a five-fingered man in a six-button race.

No, I’m not disabled. I’m just trying to maximize my setup before committing it to muscle memory. The standard layout from 1991 wasn’t designed with this character’s peculiar storage mechanics in mind. It’d be a little different if she stored on punches since they’re above, but, yeah, I think putting kicks on top row are an obvious win here. As for shuffling around the other buttons, I’m doing that more because of the mechanics of the human thumb.

The final layout I posted, with throw mapped merely for kara-throwing, I think will be the one I’ll have an extensive go with. I like the physical placement of buttons regardless what they’re actually mapped to – at least in theory. I wonder if I should take them out of the stick and plant them in a cardboard box to try them out.

Aaaand the stick is modded:

I’ve ordered some button plugs for the leftover holes, but other than that It’s fully functional. I re-wired it so that the game’s standard button config maps to where I want them. (i.e., green button is still LK, red still MK, etc.)

Some playtesting made me swap the two new buttons, so MP is on Yellow and 3P is the grey button next to it. Kara-throw is surprisingly easy with that setup, and it just feels more natural. Hence, I can hit all 6 buttons simultaneously without moving my hand at all. (The thumb’s knuckle lays sideways across the yellow button, the thumb tip on the blue.)

Since I can kara-throw with the setup, 3P and 3K are mapped to buttons.

I’m still getting used to the setup, and may make 3P and 3K swap places, but I’m really liking this config. I can do combos and all with it.

I believe I found the config I’ve been searching for. :slight_smile:

You see I was wanting to change up the button set up for my stick to.
I have the Standard 8 button set up but i literally always turn off the extra 2 buttons for every game as I would prefer to just use the manual inputs for things seeing as how it makes more sense to me
And i was looking for a set up the would allow me to just have the six buttons but possibly change up arrangement to benefit my UMvC3, And MK9 play

my thought was to set things up somewhere along the lines of

3P 3K
Lp Mp Hp
Lk Mk Hk

so being set up like that my Marvel controls would be
A1 A2

Thus i would not compromise my Thumb and Index finger placement, and i can keep my preferred Structure.

My MK Controls would then be set to use just the vertical 6 button set so

Thr Blck
O Fp Bp
O Fk Bk

A little obscure i suppose. But it wouldn’t disrupt My street fighter game, And it would fully benefit my Marvel, and MK Game.

What do you guys think?

By the way the buttons are supposed to line up with the two extras being directly above The Strong and Fierce Buttons

I definitely like the extra two buttons above MP and HP, because if you need to combo a Normal into Ultra, the normals with the slower startups give your finger the most time to switch buttons.

My Marvel setup is similar, with LMH in a row, and S under L.

I don’t play MK at all so take this with a grain of salt, but I can’t see how finger placement works there. Especially because I would think Block is a button you want available at all times. I’d seriously consider moving Block to where LK sits in SF, cause if you’re playing SF and hit Block in a panic, you’d rather a short kick come out rather than a long-winded roundhouse.

Also, throw in SF is both lights so you could move MK’s throw down there with block… but Marvel’s throw is on H, so… yeah I dunno. I don’t know enough about MK to say which combinations of buttons are important. Maybe shove the quad of attacks into the top-right? Or make Marvel match the quad layout of MK for some purpose?

That’s an interesting little puzzle you have here.

You do have a good point on my MK Controls.
My main objective with it was that I needed the Punches and kicks to Stack Specifically ontop of eachother (Hints putting them of the Strong, Fierce, Forward, and Roundhouse buttons) But I think the best set up would be.

-----O Thr
-O Fp Bp
Blk,Fk Bk

This way I can get the block with my thumb. The throw button being easily reachable is important for me Being one of my main’s is Smoke so i do a lot of Groundbounce, Into Air Throw stuff. The main reason i want to do this change is because I Always play 6 button control’s for every fighter including Marvel. So I see that as an opportunity to Place those two extra buttons somewhere More convenient so if i ever want to use them, My movement is Vertical and not Horizontal. This means I am with need to take my Index finger away from my Jab/Short Button.
And as I said for Marvel I prefer to keep my structure and not have to move my index finger and thumb from Light and Special.Only issue im going to have is that i want to change the artwork on my stick to something more Matching of me. And if i do that i will more than likely just have to buy a piece of Plexiglas or Acrylic for the face plate. And Drill out the holes my self, Might save some money on Modification though. And it is more of an Original design customized to my Comfort. So i might just do it!

So for every time you pick up a new game / character, you’re gonna build a new faceplate and learn a new button scheme?
And keep two sticks at all times, because if you ever go to a tourney and your stick breaks, there will be 0 people who can lend you their controller.
Well, … have fun.

Vulpes: he’s finding one faceplate to use with all games. But the point about borrowing controllers is a really good one.

O.Turtle: My last thought is, of course, does the new physical arrangement enable you to hit all the buttons you use with a minimal of finger re-positioning. This is why I chose my (admittedly unorthodox) configuration. Usually I’m happy with 4 buttons in a row for 4 fingers in a row, but of course if your pinky is hitting buttons when it shouldn’t, then sure, remove those buttons from the pinky.
I also have a thread in the tech-talk forum about drilling into metal plates. It has a lot of pictures.

Meanwhile, I took my new config into the wilds of XBox live for the first time today. I’m having a lot of luck with it, but still need work. Although holding a store for more than about 4 seconds means the opponent forgets about it, especially when we’re in close mixing it up, I find I release a button but no fireball comes out more often than I like.

Is there anyway to train myself to figure when or in what situations I’m losing my store?

Well I don’t play tourney’s so that is a non-issue. and also I really don’t understand the logic of your first question.
Most main stream fighting games for consoles require 6 button Controls. So if I’m keeping my 6 Normal buttons in normal placement, and 2 extras up-top Just to enhance my game in UMvC3 and MK, and all I am doing is putting two buttons at the top for MvC Assists (Which i can move to Forward and Roundhouse) and Grabs for MK (Which i can move to Fierce) Then there isn’t much issue with me lacking a button, and Most games as said before have 6 button controls… So why would I need to change My Button scheme and Face plate for every game?

And also to Pair of Rooks, What situations are they not coming out? Combo’s, Zoning?

Vulpes relating my story :shake:

The only time you lose the fireball store is when you release the button. You can hold it through combos, through being combo’d, being knocked down, eating an ultra, during your own ultra 1, whatever. So you must be releasing it at some point. Try just holding it and standing still doing nothing else for a while. If a fireball eventually comes out you might have an issue with your buttons or wires.

I was talking to Pair of Rooks who apparently built a Juri specific faceplate for whatever reason.
I didn’t actually read any of the posts in this thread, so maybe I’m off…?

Combos, never zoning. I don’t think I’m mis-timing the button release, and I don’t think I’m accidentally letting off the button when applying pressure / mixups, etc, but I surely must be. I don’t get sudden fireballs where I weren’t expecting them, I know that much. It isn’t the hardware.

OH, we thought you were talking to Zen Turtle, cause he’s considering different faceplates too. Your post segued off his perfectly.
Yeah I know, but I’m not really that concerned about the 1 in a 100 chance of it breaking on me mid-tourney. I use it at home much more, so it’d be more likely to break there, statistically speaking. And I use the same config for every character. In Marvel I change the buttons from default anyway, so little difference there.
(BTW, nice avatar. The previous one was creepy.)

Do tell. What happened?

I play on a modded madcatz TE into a hitbox and I did a dual mod for xbox play. I went to a tournament 2 weeks ago and the darn thing broke on me in the hotel. I was really lucky to find someone who played on a hitbox too, he burrowed it but I couldn’t warm up with it and play as much casuals as I wanted.