Alternate Colors for SFAnniCOllection

I just got the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. For SF III, somehow the alternate colors that involve pressing start+(LP,HP,HK…) doesnt seem to work. I pressed them at the same time, held the start button first then pressed the attack button but they don’t work. Can someone tell me whats wrong. Ive beaten the game already. Do you need to get credits and buy the alternate colors or something. Help! THanks

You have to beat the game with a character to get that character’s alternate color. Then hold start and press any attack button when you select them.

R U talkin bout the LP+MK+HP colour? If not then the character that u want the 2I colours for you must complete the game wit that character and select wit start+xx.

Since you brought up the LP+MK+HP color, I found that it might as well be called the Circle+Square+R1 color on the PS2 - even if you change your button config (if you have an arcade stick, for example), you still have to press Circle+Square+R1 to get it. In my case it is LP+HP+HK :]

Still on the first page chief…

Anyone beat shin akuma yet??

when u beat sf2 anniversary collection w/out losin a round or usin a continue u fight shin akuma…anyone beat him yet??