Alternate Colours/Costumes - SSF IV

This is the last thing I need to finish my fightstick and cabinet. I was wondering if anyone had a full set of images showing all the alternate colors for all the alternate outfits like in the guide book. I can scan the guide book, but they lose way too much quality to really make it obvious what colors are what. I was gonna’ put them as strips across my cabinet. I just need the pics to be clear. If they’re just screen captures or something like that, it’s fine. I can edit them to match the size needed or anything else. I just need clear pics of them standing in each color for each costume.
Thanks for any help in advance.

Quick bump. I know it’s asking a lot this time. I have doubts that I’ll get it. But it never hurts to ask.

friendly bump

Costume and alternative outfit colors for Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter 4 :

This page has all costume colors for the standard, the alts and the new costumes if avaible.

Oh, that’s awesome. I didn’t know about that site. Thanks a ton. X3