Alternate costume 2 for new characters?


Does anyone know how i would get alterante costume 2 for the new characters like hugo, poison, rolento etc. I have 1 and 3 but for some reason i dont have 2…


I think you have to have a Street Fighter X Tekken save to get those 2nd alternate costumes for the 5 latest USF4 characters…


The second alt’s you get for pre ordering the digital version of Ultra, well that’s how I got it anyways.


Same story for the retail version, but who knows if or when Capcom will release them to everyone.


yeah i have alternate 1 costumes, but now i sold sfxt, so i dont if i buy the alternate 2 it will install on ultra…


ALT 2 Costumes (new challengers) = Pre Order Only
ALT 1 Costumes = SxTK save file.


has capcom released those pre order costumes yet??


Thanks again everyone. Everything I’ve ever read or watched indicates that Ryu is good for beginners. I was doing kinda good (800-1100PP) with Decapre, but I realized that most of my wins were against people who didn’t know to block the other side of a Break > Air Throw. Advanced players didn’t fall for this. I feel Ryu has grounded me and will teach me how to play better, not just use gimmicks to beat lesser players.


Lol ^ Is that the right response to this?

Anyway. There’s no other way to get Alt 2 costumes?