Alternate Costume Wish List

Yeah, this is a silly topic, but it’s dead around here. So sue me. :smokin:

There’s going to be another costume update in the fall (for all characters), and it got me wondering, what would I make 'Rog look like if I had the choice?

I like his Alternates, both of 'em, but I think he need something a little more ‘street’. Maybe a doorag, some baggy jeans, a wife-beater (to expose some wicked tats), and barefists? I mean hell, if he’s an evil guy and he’s in a fighting tournament, shouldn’t he have taken his gloves off by now? :chat: I think that would be sick.

I don’t know. What else can you guys think of?

i’d wanna see mike tyson outfit (red gloves and black shorts), complete with face tattoo and pigeons on his shoulders

Kind of like T. Hawk with his Eagle? Or would the pigeon be there the entire time?

Nah. Been talkin about this with a friend for months. They did it with Zangief for no reason, but it worked oh so well. They did it with M. Bison, and that one was phenomenal. They need a mecha-Rog now. We already established it. His name would be Battlerog. Omg I pray for this day to happen. I will fall to my knees and cry in happiness. Bring Battlerog.

That would be badass, no doubt. I have a feeling it’s going to be more subtle though.

[edit: shoot, sorry guys. Thought this was in the main forum.]

I love the idea for the street look Balrog. I’ll post my ideas for other character costumes in a different thread.

Baggy pants, no upper body clothing, no gloves, tatoo’d to the last and a funky pair of boots. Give him the thug look - An actual ‘street’ fighter. Balrog is the epitome of violent scumbag. We’ve got his typical Boxer attire, the alternate Rocky one. The third shows he got paid… Show the Rog who didn’t get paid, the one looking to fist your teeth down your throat so you shit them out with your breakfast because it’s the only thing he knows how to do.

Fuck Mecha Balrog - No offense folks but it’s old at this stage. “We’ve no idea for a costume! I know, make a Mecha Costume!”.

Bring it close to home and enhance the ‘character’ rather than take it further from the truth.

No. His alt 2 is his costume for when he was an undercover agent working with Chun Li. They were partners working on every crime. But then a huge crime Balrog solved, Chun Li took all the credit so he quit. Then he needed some money so he started taking little kids lunch money. That’s his original costume. Eventually he became a professional boxer.

Dunno about you but if I was an undercover agent I’d likely wear less conspicuous clothing aka huge shiny boiler suit, bling-bling fists etc :stuck_out_tongue:

We all know he got paid (About time, too) by finding Seth’s discarded love-child in a crumbling laboratory and flogging him off to the black-market to god-knows-what dodgy customer because… Well, Balrog’s a scumbag!

One thing I do enjoy in some games is playing as a villian - No idea why, guess it just conflicts with reality where I’m a normal person. So, make him more of a villian. Mecha-Anything doesn’t achieve this, it’s a pretty generic/standard/neutral choice of outfit and it seems we’ve enough of them already.

Make Balrog meaner! When I load up that fight-screen and Balrog starts banging those fists together I want me and the person playing against me to think “Shit… That is one mean mutha…”

If they’re gonna go the mecha route, it’d be a joke costume. might as well make a Street Sharks Balrog.

I don’t give a fuck. Battlerog needs to be in.

For you, maybe.

I don’t actually think a lot of people would be happy with yet another Mecha Costume when they could make so much better.

Proper Balrog. Top hat, monocle, nice tux, the works. Change his standing animation to a more old timey fistacuffs looking stance, stands up straight with head leaned back and arms out.

This would be disgusting and awful…
^That too.

Nope. Battlerog. I don’t care.

gloves off, barefists, tatted up arms, a t-shirt, mike tyson skin fade, make his punches have a different sound since its gonna be a bare fist beatdown. basically a modern version of Street Fighter 1’s “Mike”

This. is what he needs. Maybe also give him bloody cuts and a bandaged head to show he’s been in really rough street fights

This is win. I want baggy jeans and no shirt, though.

Pigeon should be there all the time so that way his new move could be a pigeon projectile flying across the screen.

this is down rite ignorance…and there have been several ppl with similar replies…as a african american trust me we dont need anymore of that kinda shit…his 2nd costume is already ignorant as fuck…i kno its a game but that shit speaks 2 what ppl really think…