Alternate D- and D+ points on Madcatz SFIV fightpad


Alright so I was messing with my pad a little bit and drilled through the 5 holes(sgnd, gnd, d+,d-,vcc).
I did this to install a jst housing in its place and it worked great. However I drilled from the front side instead of the back side so the solder pads were weakened quite a bit.
Anyways long story short I went to take out the jst housing because I needed the pad for a different install and by doing so the pads came off.

I soldered to the resistors that the traces look like they run to however my pad just gives me the long green light then cuts off, like it is not sending the data. So I guess the good news is that it is at least getting power.

So I was thinking that I need to do something a little more or find different spots or I have the wires soldered to the wrong spots entirely and was wondering if someone can help me out and let me know if there are alternate D+ or D- spots.

I dont have a pic of my own pad but I took this pic off the interwebs and circled where I soldered. Hope it can help illustrate.



That is one of my pics, to dual mod a PS3 SE stick.

From looking at the back of the pad and in numerical order the USB pinout goes:

GND2, GND, D+, D-, VCC

I suggest soldering to the other side of the resistors (in case you damaged the traces closest to the points) or removing them completely as they are not needed. Don’t tamper with the VCC component though as it is not a 0 value resistor.


Thanks for your suggestion Gahrling and I hope you did not mind me using your pic but it was the clearest closeup I could find.

Anyways just posting to say I figured out the problem.

Last night I also drilled a hole in the case to route the usb cable through and by doing so accidently drilled a little into the usb cable. I guess by drilling into the cable I actually drilled into the D- line and that is why it was having trouble sending/receiving data.

Switched the usb cable and it picks up perfectly.

So in the future if anyone gets the long green lights on their xbox pad it means that something is wrong with the d- line.
Short green lights mean the D+ line is not hooked up or both the d+ and d- lines arent hooked up.

Also if you are going to drill into the gnd, d+, d-, or vcc spots, do it from the back as opposed to the front, as doing it from the front will push the pads out.


Too bad I cant double like your post because it made me look into zero ohm resistors and I found out they are nothing more than wire jumpers so thanks again.