Alternate for Adon?



This thread is for anybody who has any kind of ideas of what secondary character adon is best suited for i know yun is a really strong solid for adon however i was thinking about having a pocket fei for adon’s bad match-up’s i feel fei will best at beating them or sagat i just don’t like his slow ass play style if anybody has any ideas who would be best for adon let me know either on here xbl or twitter @OG_Swiizy my gt for xbl is the same thing OG Swiizy


The general concensus is that Adon has a bad match-up against Hawk , Gief , Honda , Boxer , Dictator , Hugo ?

Sagat seems the best choice but is really different than Adon and his slowness can be problematic , Sim could be a good choice maybe not against Hawk now.

Like you say Fei-Long can be good too but his gameplay is really close than Adon and it’s maybe not so interesting to play.

Or we can do like GamerBee , Yun against Akuma and Evil Ryu against the grapplers and who against Dictator and Boxer ?


i was thinking chun to fight the grapplers i think she rips all of them apart (i’m just not too sure she does) sagat is nice but hes really fucking slow and fei like you said is linear like adon yun i’m not too into dive kick characters like how i once did & i’m thiking about certain characters i guess i gotta see wht i can come up with anyway thanks for your input bro still going to take everything into account


adon’s weak to grapplers & i think i should play somebody who whips up on the grapplers i’m pretty sure chun whips up on them idk who else is strong against grapplers though


I am pretty sure GamerBee picked adon against dictator during SEAM this can’t remember about boxer


I would agree that Grapplers can be a pain in the ass … but I still think that Gief is ok … but honestly … I still think that Guile or Gouken would be the perfect chars to cover the bad MU from Adon !

I personally have problems against Dictators, Ibuki and Viper … but Viper is just MU knowledge … ^^

But on paper --> Grapplers, Boxer, honda, Dic … hmmm … well … pick Guile … 8)