Alternate inputs for Flashkick FADC Ultra 2

I’ve been browsing the forums and some youtube videos, and some Guile players claim they can do the Flashkick FADC Ultra 2 without the usual backdash motion (4646 PPP) or forward dash (6646 PPP). Can anyone clarify or elaborate on this. I’ve even seen one person say they can do it with (646 PPP) if done fast enough.

I am about 99% sure that F,B,F won’t work. Without going into too much detail, in order for F,B,F to even give you a dash, you would have had to hold F before or on the same frame as the FA input. This means you would have had to release your back charge for 35 frames(FK startup, FK hitpause, forward dash). You need to input your PPP button press within 26 frames in order to get a U2 or you will lose your charge.

I could go into a more clearer explanation if needed but it would be easier to just say “link a video with the inputs, or it didn’t happen”.

Yeah I have no video unfortunately, just a couple people commenting in the Guile forums themselves, which confused me. FBF does give you a backdash though, just no Ultra 2 unfortunately.

Negative, F,B,F wont give you backdash either, unless you were holding one of the 3 Back directions before you input the FA command.

I probably should of made this more clear, but all these inputs are based upon the usual fadc setup, ie. starting from position “4”. So when I say “FBF” it is actually “BFBF” and normal back dash is “BBFBF”