Alternate "Roots"? And after counter

I want to know what combos I can do, for max damage from one of the Root super level 3s.

I use Hibiki in K-groove only, and lately, I pretty much use K-groove only. I like this groove, and am enjoying learning it. I found out I do best with Nakoruru there, and of course, I started using Hibiki at the same time as K-groove.

Anyway, I’ve heard of alternate things you can do in one or more of the roots, for more damage, and a bigger combo. Like Geese’s variation of Deadly Rave.

Also, I pretty much concluded, that in K-groove, if you are Raged, the best thing to do after the counter is her dash-slash super. However, what if you don’t have a super ready? The thing I do, is usually just S.HP/Fierce, but, that’s only until I find something better.

Anyway, any help, or discussion on those two things would be appreciated.

counter followups (lowest damage to highest damage):

hcf+LK -> j.HP
hcf+LK -> close s.HK (walk/run into range)
hcf+LK -> qcb,db,f+P (connects with a delay)
hcf+LK -> f,hcf+P (walk/run into range)

all 4 of these will do more damage than qcf+HP or qcb+HP. note that when you do the 4th option you can simply run/walk and then do hcf+P to execute the super (run/walk counts as f input)