Alternate solder point for UP button - XBOX 360

The solder pad for the UP D-Pad got ripped off. Is there an alternate solder point for this?

Here’s a diagram for you to highlight a new solder point of there is any :frowning:

there’s no other point on the front. If you use a little bit of logic however, you will find the correct point to solder to on the back.

Not that easy, I’ve tested most of the points already and no luck. There’s no garauntee that there are points on the back…

hopefully this helps

thank god for RDC’s trace images, saved my ass a few times after some rookie mistakes :sweat:

Did you add the red circle and arrow or is that part of the original?

Sorry, what’s RDC stand for?

i added the circle and arrow.

and RDC is a person. an incredibly helpful one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Is there an archive of RDC’s trace images?

Nonphixion is exactly right, I’ve used that trace on the back many times also.
And if you ever ruin anything else, drag a multimeter across the pins on your IC to find a point. You’re gonna have to use fine soldering techniques to solder to it, but it’s better than throwing away your controller.

Thanks so much for the help guys!
Here goes nothing.