Alternate solder point for xbox 360 mad catz wired controller

So while attempting to padhack a mad catz pcb I ran into some trouble. The copper connection for the Y button completely came off because I think I moved it before it cooled. So now there’s nowhere to solder on the Y button, is there an alternate solder point on the pcb or is the pcb completely useless now? The pcb I am attempting to hack can be found here

Drill a tiny hole through the PCB at the little round area in the middle part of the “C”. Run a wire through and solder it on the other side. This is how I fixed a similar problem.

that wont work if he ripped the trace all the way off…

Follow that Y trace and scratch off the coating in another area. Make sure that when you scratch the coating that you do not scratch any thing around it or you’re going to fuck up hard. If you do scratch more than you wanted, repeat. Apply wire and solder. Put some hot glue on top of the solder joint as the coating and solder won’t mesh well.

If you ripped the trace all the way down to where the connection ends, look at the back of the board and see if you can find it there. If not, you’re fucked.