Alternate solder points for the vcc and grounds on marvel te stick!

ok i was working on a dual mod and i accidentally soldered off the contact point on the VCC on the TE PCB.

i know there are two other grounds to solder to so thats not a real downer.
but the VCC is what i need to solder onto the MC cthulhu PCB.

any tips or pointers on how i can connect the VCC of the TE stick onto the MC cthulhu pcb?

There are a number of places, but a few diff revisions of the TE pcb. Take a good picture of yours and post it up and it should be easy to spot some.

ok here are the pics sorry i only have a shitty phone cam

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I’m a bit worried that further work may just damage the board more. Please be careful.

The best spot to connect is the side of the B1 piece closest to the original hole. If you can’t get it connected there, or destroy the B1 part trying, then get some solder on the bare copper oval spot under the U1 label and connect it there.

thank you toodles it worked great!
keep up the amazing work sir!
whenever i get to finally meet you im buying you a lapdance and a beer!