Alternative 360 Universal Remotes?

I was wondering if anyone had any info about whether there are any possible alternatives to the fugly universal remote made by microsoft and the harmony 360 remote from logitech.

What I would like to do is buy the Sony RMAX1400 (this remote) and have it learn the basic 360 functions from the 360 media remote. Does anyone know if it would be possible? I’m guessing not, but I figured I’d at least ask since I didn’t see this kind of thing with a search.

Do you not like any of the Harmony remotes? I have the 880 and use it with my 360.

I just really didn’t want to pay what they’re asking for most of them. The 550 starts at 130 I believe. 99 if you catch it on sale. They’re great remotes though.

I’ve never seen the 550 for that price. It’s actually $58.88 on Amazon right now.

harmony ftw

Wow. Thanks guys. I’ve never seen it that low. At least not in brick and mortar stores.