Alternative attacks to divekick?

Well what are some other good ways to begin an attack without dive kick? I wanna try to attack in more than 1 way besides using dive kick because whenever I play I mostly use divekick to attack. Other than that I sometimes do mk to play defensively while at the same time using that to charge my bar. Other than those two I really don’t know how to play Yang x.x :wasted: . I played Yang for like at least 6 or 7 months now and I still can’t play him properly :sad: :sad: :crybaby:

Your not having problems with Yang

Your having problems with 3rd.

Ya lol I can’t adjust to 3rd from other games like mvc >_<

you must be bad at mvc too than >.> and one thing to help you with yang is that there is 6 buttons not 1

Well obviously there are 6 buttons in the game so if you are just here to spam then don’t post anymore.

mmm yum spam…

anyway, learn to use other normals to create openings…

if you can get your opponent to go on the defensive and block your attacks, your chances for mixing them up and scoring some damage increase.

some random but specific examples:

-throwing out a standing jab which is blocked, then going for a crouching short into ex slashes.

-going for a mk dive kick / short dive kick that comes within close range (it can even hit but i don’t really recommend using dive kick to attack all the time…), then going for a crouching short into ex mantis slash, or crouching short which is blocked into a walk up throw.

-(this works a lot more often for me) the opponent is in the corner on wakeup and you lock them down with block strings waiting for them to crouch block, then go for a crouching jab which should hit somewhat at the full extent of the jab, then going for a UOH, s. short xx ex mantis. that blocked crouching jab acts as somewhat of a distance indicator that the following UOH will combo if it hits.

all these examples aren’t guarantees but they should give you more offensive options. there are a lot more things you can do, i suppose i’m only touching on offense when your opponent is blocking.

in general, using only one type of offensive (like mk to connect your slashes) becomes predictable and is the reason why your yang might not be up to par. I’m going to somewhat agree with the other post about the ‘6 buttons’ and say that you should be using more attacks. mk isn’t the only thing that connects into slashes.


also try to stay away from using dive kicks a lot to attack. i kinda had the same problem too when i was first starting out, i was dive kick happy, but once you start learning how to play on the ground your game should improve :tup:.

An addition to the ground game as well, you need to be watching for stuff that you can just EX slash on reaction. A lot of things can be stuffed if you have really good reaction time. Also find things against people that can be punished by EX slashes when you block it. You’d be surprised by the things you can smack.

I thought MVC2 only had 4 buttons? Oh…wait those stupid assist buttons that I never use. Stupid Marvel. :lol:

As for rising player…you just need a knowledge base of the game. It just seems you’re using dive kicks a lot because in vids you’ll just see top players abusing them all day and it seems to work. There’s a lot more behind the mind games of dive kicks than dive kick x u89023849032 that u see in the vids.

Hi, im having trouble with Yang 2

I dont dive kick to often, I learnt that many characters have effective anti dive kick moves if they can react quick enough not to mention parry/block throw. One thing I would like some help with is when doing the cross up dive kicks is there any garunteed combo’s of that? Or mix ups that work well?

Ive been trying to land the command trow as I was assuming the dive kick striaght down would confuse them enough to land it but it seems to come out to slow in this situation.

Off the back of that has anyone got any good command grab setups?

Ya … sry lol I guess I do deserve to be called stupid for even making a thread like this. I took some of your advice and I even watched a really good Yang player playing 3rd strike a few days ago and today I managed to actually win 1 game! It might sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not because this time I actually used different buttons instead of jump all the time, lol and it ended working good for me. Especially when the win was against a really good chun li player.

just command grab on their wake up. other stuff like low short tick into zenpou work okay sometimes but i think zenpou works best on your opponents wake up. Also to add about using the dive kicks. dive kicks are the best way for yang to get in close, and should be used alot, just dont get predictable. Instead of always trying to hit them with your dive kicks you should try and make it that the dive kick whiff right in their face and from there you can go for or low short ex-slashes. hope that help a little

On the subject of command grabs…remember that sometimes you can do other things than cr. mk xx fp/ex slashes.

For example on Chun, Makoto, Q, Dudley, Alex, Twelve, and Hugo, you can do:

-walk up close st. mp, st. lk xx ex slashes

-close st. mk, sj fp/fk/air command chain(on Dudley, Alex, Twelve, and Hugo, you have to walk up a lil on the close st. mk)

-(corner only) close st. mk, close st. mk, sj. straight up fp/fk(with Chun, Makoto, and Q, you only have to walk up on the second close st. mk. With Dudley, Alex and Twelve, you have to walk up on both close st. mk’s. With Hugo, you only have to walk up on the first close st. mk.)

-close st. mk, mk senkyutai, st. jab/SA2

  • walk up close st. mp xx ex senkyutai, random normal(most people like to do either st. jab or close st. mp xx lk teleport. On Alex, do a cr. lp and jump forward. On him, you can start a cross up/uncross up game with him by doing a cr. lp.)

But those are some other options you can do instead of cr. mk xx fp/ex slashes. Usually you really do want to do cr. mk xx fp/ex slashes most of the time, but sometimes a lil creativity doesn’t hurt.

One last thing, if you ever hit a close st. mk on someone in the corner and at the peak of their jump, do a palm when they come down, and either do st. fp, the slashy thing on Chun, Alex, Necro, and others I forgot to name, or sa2 them. It does really good damage.

Hope this helps.