Alternative Mounting Solution?

So I’m modding another VSHG but this time I want it to be more durable. Basically when you strip the stick apart, you’re left with a box that’s completely exposed on the top. You can either put the original panel back on or put some type of plexi/lexan thing on. However, there is nowhere to mount the stick other than the original panel or on the plexi/lexan sheet itself.

Since I’m doing a custom stick (that doesn’t match the mounting pattern of the original metal panel) and want custom artwork, I’m going to have to use plexi/lexan no matter what. What I want to know is: Is there a material that’s as thin as and durable as a metal panel to hold the stick and buttons by itself? Here is a picture that may help:

The stick would be mounted (via screws) on the “alternative” mounting plate, and the exposed portion above the plexi/lexan would not show any screws.

This isn’t really that important since I don’t have a problem with mounting the stick onto the plexi/lexan itself. But I’m worried that a direct mounting onto the plexi/lexan will wear away easier and maybe even loosen the mounting screws.

Any thoughts would be helpful!

There was a guy here using formica last year for the T5 stick. Formica is expensive, but if you go to like a cabinet store of Home Depot you should be able to ask them for a small piece to buy. Check this thread out.

Formica, huh? Sounds interesting. Is it easy to work with, though? Like can I used standard tools or bits?

Anybody else got other solutions? Is there a wood substance?

how bout aluminum something like this:

Why not …

Check out Hard Lexan.

Hmm aluminum, steel… I’m open to them but I don’t know if they are easy to work with. I am barely getting the hang of drilling through plexi/lexan. Plus I don’t want to spend money on more tools, either.

I’ll look into it.

I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean that the Lexan itself can support everything? Or is Hard Lexan a different type with increased thickness?

It is two different types of materials as hard lexan is much harder (go figure) than normal lexan. I do not know if it can support everything but it should I think.

LoL I feel dumb. I’ll check it out. But I wonder if it refracts light differently due to its increased durability. Afterall, there’s going to be artwork underneath.

Thanks everyone!

It is completely “see-through”.

the original vshg sticker thing peels straight off if you just wanted to replace art with something like a mame marquee type overlay or in this case a simple laminated photopaper art. (stick i did for sudden death from vfdc)

i guess since you’re gonna do something different with the layout this wouldn’t apply.

Actually I am a little interested in that. I know about MameMarquees, but I never thought of it as an option. The only downsides that I can see are that I can’t use a different stick and that it might be difficult/expensive.

If you have any more information or resources, then I would really appreciate it.

Awesome! Thanks again. You really are a beast with joystick knowledge, lol. If the marquee thing doesn’t workout, then I’ll have to go for Hard Lexan.