Alternative PCB for Round 2 TE?

Today I picked up my TE Round 2 (PS3) and somehow gave it a shock of static electricity. Since then when playing on PS3 or PC it acts as if the joystick is stuck in the down-forward position.

My stick has a PeeWii board installed to emulate a Classic Controller on Wii when plugged into a Wii remote, and it still works perfectly fine when playing Tatsunoko.

I started up the PS3 with the TE plugged in and the joystick disconnected from the PCB and it still scrolls down by itself in the XMB.

Something is wrong with either the PCB or the USB connection, but based on other stories I’ve heard it’s probably the PCB. If anyone can think of a way to further narrow the problem down, please tell me.

Now to the point - are there any custom boards that I can completely replace the PCB with? Can a board from a different, cheaper stick be used? The buttons and joystick are perfectly fine so I don’t want to buy another TE if I can avoid it. If I can buy something cheap and dissect it, that would be fine.

You can just use a PS3 Cthulhu. Or any other common ground PS3 PCB. Cthulhu is just nice because you don’t have to gut it from another stick, and that stick’s PCB is not necessarily common ground. Just connect corresponding signals from the PiiWee to the Cthulhu, VCC and Ground, and you’re set.

Excellent, thanks.

If you can still change your order, I’d say go the full hog & order a PS360 board instead.