Alternative tablets


Yo I kind of want a tablet for the commute to/from work but I’m not paying the fucking ridiculous prices those bastards want for any kind of a decent one.

Currently got my eye on the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II, 1.5Ghz dual core CPU, dual core GPU, 1GB ram. Benchmarks put this device above the Samsung Galaxy S2. No bluetooth (not bothered). Has Wifi (duh). This thing is ~$200.

Any good ones I should be looking at for ~$200 and under?


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the blackberry playbook is pretty cheap these days


If you’re really on an budget, a lot of 10 year old Windows tablets (like the Motion LE1600) are on eBay for $200. And I hear that the HP Touchpad can be found for $150 and can install Android ICS.


Alternatively? Don’t waste any kind of money on what is essentially a giant phone minus the phone.


Well that is actually kind of what I want it for. A phone without the phone. See my current phone is pretty crap and can’t run the latest cool shit so I thought hey instead of upgrading my phone for like infinity money I thought I’d buy a cheap but potent tablet instead.


Anything is better than than Coby tablets. Very cheap quality. It sounds to me like you’ve already found what you want. The Playbook actually isn’t too bad, but the lack of apps kill it. I’m sure if RIM makes another device, the support could be better from developers. I personally never seen it for very cheap. I saw one at Best Buy about 2 weeks ago, and it was still $399


Without standards to compare it to, we’re left in the dark as to what the fuck is actually in our handheld devices and what they’re up to. Give me a desktop and I can I.D. and place a value on every single part within the device, right down to individual chips and possibly even the PCB, all thanks to standards. With handhelds, not so much.

Thanks a lot, Apple. :tdown:


Still rocking my droid x. Loving it.


Get the Samsung galaxy quad when it drops. Only 200$ with wifi

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