Alternative to a joystick harness?


Ive begun modding my stick and im actually almost done. Full sanwa buttons and stick.
Thing is, i messed up the 5 pin wire harness for the stick (the old one that came with the cheapo stick) and now thats the only thing holding me back, i dont have a connection interface between the pcb and the stick.

So my question is, is there an easy alternative to this? Can i go to a pc store and find this and just put the wires in? Ordering an actual sanwa part online is out of the picture since that takes too long and is probably too expensive (especially with shipping - im in the Philippines).

Thanks in advance!


You can solder the wires directly onto the pins. Barring that, I don’t think you will be able find a substitute locally.


Yeah i was thinking of soldering it directly but I was wondering if there was a less permanent solution


Soldering isn’t really permanent. You can always desolder fairly easily.


I don’t live in P.I. so I don’t know what electroncs stores may be around but I have found some header sockets at a local electronics store. You could also attempt to hack some jumper pins like the ones found on the back of an older hard drive, insert some solid core wire into each one and place them on there individually.


You could use one of these. The pin fits exactly in the curl of the connector.


In the end I decided to just solder it in, and now its complete.
Thanks for the input guys, the results are (finally) located here