Alternative to Doom Hidden Missles



What a good alternative to doom’s hidden missles to be able to get a second hyper charging off during a combo?


none. so far I think it’s the only assist that takes long enough + otgs to allow cap to do another ultra.


If you’re performing a corner combo, I would say try using Doctor Strange’s eye of agamotto (forgive any spelling mistakes) before using Hyper Stars and Stripes. I’m not sure if it will work as I haven’t tried it myself, but that’s the only other assist I could think of (I’ve tried Nova’s shield thingy lol but that didn’t work :frowning: )


One I tried to use in vanilla and is the only one that comes to mind is Shuma’s mystic ray assist, but it is very hard to time.


Have you tried sent drones? I could swear i have gotten it to connect before.

EDIT: Nvm, ignore me.


maybe drones or v joe’s bombs


Drones dont work for sure i tried every different timing i could think of, ill try v joe bomb though and report back.

Update: Sadly it looks like Hyper CS actually knock the bomb behind cap and away from the opponent. Looks like doom is your only real option although a DHC works just as good for spending the second meter tbh.


Why look for alternatives to Doom missiles? It’s not like when people play Sent and they only use him for drones, Doom is obviously one of the best characters in the game. The only real problem I see with him is that he’s not the most reliable anchor character, which he pretty much has to be if you’re using the godlike Hawkeye assist, though I guess he doesn’t have to be if you’re running Taskmaster. (Shoutouts to DJ Houshen for using an anchor Taskmaster.)

*I’ve still seen sick stuff with the robot, I don’t why people keep calling him the whackbot.


Closest I got was Chris Grenade but it is heavily affected by HSD. Even tried raw HCS with assist and still couldn’t combo after it.


possibly storms pillar. Then again if you’re using storm…probably best to DHC to her since your order is likely Cap/Storm/xxx

Another idea is to use Stars n Stripes and link a charging star after with an assist.


I came up with the combo ages ago [late vanilla days] and ever since I’ve struggled to find an alternative

L xx M xx cr H xx S xx MMHS xx L Shield Slash xx Dash xx H xx S xx MMHS xx Call Doom assist b xx L Shield Slash xx Hyper CS xx pause for first missile xx H xx L Charging Star xx H Charging star xx Hyper CS

I would recommend Viewtiful Joes Bomb and chris’ granade assist, I know you’ve try these already but really I can’t think of any other assist as unique as Dooms hidden missiles

Theres really no other assists with such lengthy start ups to allow for this to happen, if you gonna try for it stick with Doom
After all, Doom’s a great character

Hope this helps:)


Try Stars and Stripes enders since it finishes quicker. Also don’t mash the Hyper CS for the 1st one to shave off time. The longest assist to try:

Hsien-ko - pendulum
Storm - pillar
Sentinel - charge
Dr. Strange - daggers/beams
Shuma - laser


CONFIRMED. You CAN do Sent drones! I have this posted in the combo section:

"So a friend within my community Nolan Rodriguez recently showed me you can link two hypers with Sentinel. Previously we only have done this with doom so here is the proposed combo and some of the explanation:

j.:d:+:h:, s.:m::m::h::s:, sjc.:u:+:h:, j.:qcf:+:l:, land, j.:u:+:h:, :qcf:+:m:, land, dash, :qcb:+:l:, :s:, sjc.:m::m::h::d:+:h::s:(fast as possible), land, :qcf::u:+:l:, :a1:, dash, :qcb:+:atk::atk:, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk: - 1, 063,300 dmg

This can get tricky with distance and timing as your main goal is to hyper them so they are at the right height to be hit by the drones catching up to Cap and so the drones have enough distance to travel to hit late when you need it, so you cannot be flush with the corner. Also note the follow up :qcb:+:l: can be a tad tricky if they are hit weird and you may have to settle for just another hyper if they’re too high. This combo was designed starting in the corner facing out so I suggest looking into turn around combos to keep your opponent mid screen for consistency so that you don’t have to focus on mid-corner variants. You must also use the TK Shield Slash ender, not the grounded one. I will provide a video later when I can. "


I need to try that above combo. You can also do (in the corner) Hyper S&S DHC Plasma Storm and then link another Plasma Storm if you DHC’d at the right time.