Alternative to VOOT Twin Stick Design. Design to Completion Worklog

With the prices of joysticks with 2 buttons on them hard to find and expensive, I am toying around with the idea of just dropping the sticks and making an all button alternative.

A long time ago I remember seeing an four button cross instead of a joystick on the I love my Custom forum. And am thinking of applying that Idea here.

The transition from twinsticks to this design would probably require adjusting like a pad to stick, but I think that in the long run you could play competitively with this layout. Movement would be done with the three middle fingers, dashing with pinky, fire with thumb. In theory if you had at least four fingers on each hand you should be able to hit every possible combination (Diagonals require two fingers)

I know some characters special moves require certain combinations of joystick positions and button presses. Like Temjins Ramming attack, pushing forward on both sticks and pressing all for buttons. Since I don’t know all of the characters well, I would like to hear of any moves impossible with this design.

Well here is what I got. Any comments and suggestions appreciated. For use with layout B. I miss my saturn twinsticks. I do remember them though having trouble staying put.

It would certainly be possible, just awkward to use at first.

Also, I know that probably isn’t your final layout, but having both hands that close and at that angle would kill your wrists.

Neat idea, similar to the WASD setup PC users use for FPS’s

I also agree with dvon, I would rotate the button layout on an angle to match your hands on each side a bit so it’s not so ‘square’, that way your wrists won’t get so cramped and possibly avoid RSI.

In regards to moves, with a bit of practice I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to pull them off. The most you’d ever use are 4 fingers on each side. Unless you are lacking in a couple of said appendages you should be right. :wink:

Nice point about wrist angle. I recently bought some kinda cheap aluminum breifcases for 15" laptops for a regular Fighter joystick, but they are just too big. They are 16" wide and 12" deep. I think there should be plenty of space. Better make a prototype box out of cardboard though.

I think that I would be going with Happ Buttons on these. Sanwa’s would be to sensitive since you may leave your hands laying on the buttons.

I never thought of WASD, but yeah you are right. Definitely will put some wrist angle on that like a MS natural keyboard. I will be the one with sore wrists after all.

New Revision.

I printed out one side with the larger buttons and then placed my hand on it. I realized that smaller 24 mm would work better for the directions. Fingers spread too wide. Going with Seimitsus then. Keyboard gel pads will be screwed into the case for the palms.

Turned topic into a worklog.