Alternatives to Arcade-In-A-Box

Hello, I am new to this stick thing but am very eager. I thought about building my own but my lack of experience would more than likely lead to frustration. The HRAP3 was a strong consideration but everyone who played with Sanwa parts naysays it and I’m the kind of guy who would go all out for Street Fighter. Arcade-In-A-Box seems very enticing and the prices are right, but there’s a 6-9 week wait from the SF4 demand and I’m feeling a little impatient.

What I’m looking for is a site that lets you customize your stick in a similar fashion. If not that I’m willing to do a little work, but I have no woodworking skills and would at least need to buy the deck prebuilt.

Thank you for your help and I apologize if a similar topic already exists. Google isn’t as helpful as my fellow Shoryukeners.

Yea I went through the same thing. I decided to wait for the AIAB. You might try here though:

I understand you cannot bear with the long wait queue at AIAB, but the staff seems to be committed to reduce that wait time. Nobody can blame them for the long wait time when they got to build 300+ sticks. I do not know of any other site that lets you customize other than Axis-Gaming (I think it is closed for orders last time I checked) and AIAB. I feel AIAB has become the next MAS Systems.

I think the best case scenario for you is

(1) to buy a blank case from someone
(2) Get a Chultu board and Sanwa arcade parts from LizardLick
(3) Commission someone to put it all together

Pretty much #3 will cost you the most due to the demand of arcade sticks these days.

I was in the same boat as you, but I am glad I went with AIAB. Most stick builders closed off for orders for weeks now.

thank you for the suggestions. I don’t blame them for the time needed, I mean, now’s as good a time to have a stick as any as it is pushing me to make a purchase. I suppose I’ll buy the parts and assemble it myself. I’m techy enough to do that much and I’ve soldered a couple circuit boards before.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a pre-built deck? I don’t think I’ll be going for a custom art piece unless I decide to draw one… I’m willing to spend up to ~$200 to build my stick.

I’d say just flip through the trading post, there’s a few people with empty shells for sale.