Alternatives to LamiLabel?

Does anyone know what I could use instead of LamiLabel for my PS3 WWE Brawlstick? I want to put my own art on the stick (because the stock WWE one is awful), but when I went to Fedex and did the LamiLabel (not even sure if what I did was considered LamiLabel, all i did was print my art out on 32 lb paper and put it in between a sheet of plastic and a label and put it through a roll laminator). I’ve heard of, but I don’t know how to get art for regular home joysticks (it only seems that they do stuff for big arcade cabinets). Thanks!

This is what you order from GameOnGrafix.

Thanks!! Also, two questions about that; do i check the box for the extra $12.00 that says " Full sized template printed on paper:"? And, will the image come out the same shade as it is on the computer screen if I print through them? I printed it through Fedex Kinkos and it was much darker in paper than on the computer screen. Should I up the brightness before uploading the file?


You can take that laminated sheet you have and apply it on the stick with double-sided carpet tape. Adheres extremely well, and is clean and easy to remove if you want to (strange how that works huh?)

Cool, I’ll probably have to try this out. I don’t think my local Kinkos does lami-label


SE WWE brawl stick.

Probably too late, but you may be interested in the SE lexan covers blklightning is cooking up. Definitely brings a new level of customization to the SE sticks.

There are print shops out there that offer prints on vinyl. Most I know of are smaller local shops.
Google is your friend in finding them

staples laminated sticky back better quality way cheaper had a few done there already.

you can have it laminated at kinkos and then use 3m Adhesive spray to apply the image. i used it on mine and it holds really well

my kinkos ended up having lami-label :smiley:

When you ask for Lami Label at FO, you have to ask for the adhesive backing along side the laminate. Otherwise, they’ll just laminate your artwork. I haven’t had any issues with FO to regards to Lami Labeling.