Alts to pair with Rog

Hello all sorry if this is discussed somewhere else but I didn’t see it. I am still dedicated to playing Balrog as he fits me very well but I personally I always believe in having a secondary to have fun with/take a break with. For the last few years I have played Sim alongside Balrog but now I’m starting to get frustrated with Sim. Sim does help in some of Rog’s bad matchups (Sagat, Guile, Grapplers) but I was wondering what alts’ you guys play/consider suited to play with Rog?

there’s a thread about this from 2011 or so, ill hunt it down for you (maybe lol). I think the secondary that best suits Balrog is Dictator. Dictator is an anti-meta for most of Balrog’s horrible matchups which are the vortex characters like Akuma, Ibuki, Seth etc. The matches aren’t very much is Dictator’s favor, but his playstyle doesn’t deviate too much from Balrog’s and those matchups are easier with Dictator IMO.

And that means you only need to play two characters really well to have answers to all balrog’s bad matchups.

There’s one more about using Balrog in a team tournament with other characters i think, don’t remember the name.

Thank you so much. I have actually strongly considered Dictator because of those same reasons you listed. Also love these Balrog forums. You guys are pretty dedicated and knowledgeable and have really helped me the last few years.

I’m also looking for a pair for Balrog, to meet the tough matchs.

Bison is the best alternative?

I think Dictator covers a lot of his really bad matchups. But it depends. I prefer Balrog against Zangief, Guile and Sagat, but Dictator against Seth Akuma and Ibuki, but it all depends. So go for your holes as a player, not necessarily the holes of the character. For me that’s Dictator, but for you it may be any other character.

I try has a 2nd character adon. I rly like his gameplay.

But i dont play him has a joker for the bad match ups from boxer. I try to learn all mu with boxer. And i am not a good theory fighter more a instinct fighter.

Again i am rly sry for my bad english grammar.

I concur with Bison; I am generally horrible when playing more than one character at a time but Bison is only of the only exceptions for me. His normals also feel [mostly] similar to me so the neutral game is very easy to pick up with him.

Another added bonus is that his bnbs are pretty easy so you can focus on Rog.


Bison, really? Never thought of this. I’m a Bison main looking for an alt so I found this interesting. Yeah, Fei could be a choice too, PR Rog uses him and I also considered him for Bison.