Alucard/Juno stairs av request

I’d like a stairs av. In the typical “I’m pregnant, bitch GTFO” style. I was thinking Alucard from Symphony of the Night with Ellen Page from Juno. If the Juno idea won’t work, maybe some random Arcana Heart character, it doesn’t matter which. I just want Alucard in it. And please make it premium size.

Thanks in advance. :china:

edit: I think it’d be really clever to have Ellen Page as the pregnant girl getting stair’d, so if there’s any way you can make it work, please do it. But I don’t know how funkachunkz that may or may not be.

edit2: Since it’s Castlevania, and Castlevania stages tend to have lots of…stairs, maybe you can use a stairwell or something from an actual stage. Maybe not, but it’d be nice. And again, if the Ellen Page thing can’t work, you can just substitute either Maria (from SotN) or any Arcana Heart character, it’s your choice.

Props to anyone who can pull it off.


Well if you read kinda backwards like I do, your request looks like Star Jones. That could be why.

Star Jones might be a good way to sum it up…

Okay but no, fuck it. I’m assuming the Juno thing is funkachunkz, so forget it. It would probably be too hard to animate Ellen Page rolling down some stairs. I really wasn’t trying to convolute the request…if someone can just put Maria that’d be fine, since she’s from the same game. Nevermind the Arcana Heart idea (UNLESS you can’t get any sprites for Maria, then it’s whatever). So just a stairs av w/ Alucard & Maria, and you can do what you want.