Aluminum feet

Where can I order some, and will they fit on art’s tek cases? Thanks in advance.

Lian Li SD-03 35mm Case Feet Spacer - Silver - 4 Pack -

Here are some 35mm case feet which should work. They might be too big though. Think of it like the difference between a 24mm hole and a 30mm hole then adding that difference to a 30mm hole.

Performance PC has some too but they’re down for maintenance.

There’s also Jinxz aluminum feet

Not sure how much shipping would be though.

Those look like the ones I’ve seen on peoples sticks. The cost isn’t TOO high to ship to the US, but before I do does anyone know if they’ll work on Art’s Tek case?

See for yourself.

Just love showing that off, don’t you? Can’t say I blame you much…

That said, the feet work perfectly on Art’s cases. Use the same screws and you should be fine