Aluminum stick

i recently got my sanwa parts from LL so i decided it was time to start on fabricating my case. It is 1/8" aluminum 12"X8"X2.5". Yes i know that may be large but this is for my x360 so some stuffs have to fit in there. ok so i have a case now i am trying to figure out how to mount the JLW i bought i know that the OBSF’s will just snap in to the hole i drill out, but what about the stick?

Reynolds Wrap stick?

finkle aluminum sticks are sex. i want to see yours when its done :slight_smile: You can try emailing finkle questions on metal working. He’s very helpful and good at it.

no i work in a sign shop so it is sheet aluminum. an eighth of an inch thick. ok thanks urth i will try to contact him. i have seen some of his stuff and i’m sure mine wont be near as good cus im a newb.

You can drill out two holes to mount with. You can weld some bolts to the top plate and use the JLF mounting plate. Could take a piece of aluminum, put two bends in each end and tap threaded holes, weld it to the top plate. You’re the one with the metal working knowledge, and there’s lot of options.

Isn’t reynolds wrap plastic? I think you are thinking of aluminum/tin foil.

I could just wrap one of my sticks in foil and be done with it. =D

wasnt to sure if it would be that easy i mean i can weld, tap, countersink, whatever needs to be done i guess

finkle email not work for me and his pm box is full:(

You have options.

If you want to just drill, then two holes 65mm apart (32.5mm from the center of the stick hole). I don’t know the width of the holes needed; find a carriage bolt that fits the hole of your JLF and drill the hole to match.

If you want to weld bolts on, or make your own mounting bracket, there’s the measurements to do so.

thanks will get started on in the morning when i get back to my ft job

well here is what i have so far. i only get to work on it for like 20 minutes a day.

wow looking sexy so far.

I want an all aluminum stick -_- GIMMMEEEEE

i put 2 blots through countersinked holes in wood and glue the wood to the underside of the metal and then secure the stick with the 2 bolts sticking out. The glue usually secures the screw, in case it doesn’t, you can always dremel out a slot on the bolts and use a screwdriver to make sure the bolts don’t spin.

Alright, that’s my trade secret. Now gimme some sheet aluminum :D. (seriously, are you authorized to sell that stuff)

sell i dont know maybe wouldnt be much though. as for the joystick i layed the mounting plate that came with the JLW on the case where i felt it looked good marked out my holes used a 5/32" drill bit then countersink those holes. for my center i used a square and found my center then i just used a step-up bit till it looked right.

Sweet as hell. Aluminum stick looks awesome, want to see it with the buttons and everything installed.

trying to figure out the button layout i want right now this is for my xbox360 so i have enough buttons for A B X Y L R as well as start, back, and the guide. no templates for this laying around here been looking for something close. not having any luck though

Button layout taken care of. but i have hit a major road bump. I put my wireless controller in my joystick casing and my 360 could no longer see my controller. does any one know if a small window made of acrylic would remedy this problem?

The aluminum case will act as a faraday cage and absorb the wireless signal. If you cut a window like you’re describing, then signal can only come out in the small area of the window. Turn the stick 90 degrees or so (depending on the size of the window and the placement of the antennae, and you can lose connection. If its a small window, then it could be even less. Is there is any to mount the antennae part on the back of the stick?

i haven’t had a chance to get inside of the controller of the 360 yet but my joystick dimensions are 12"x8.25"x2.5" so i guess i could put mutiple windows or maybe just one large one as for the antenna i dont have a clue i suppose i could mount it externally if it didnt look like shite.

If you havent cracked up the controller, why not just keep it intact and get a third party wired controller? Easier to hack, and won’t require you to cut windows all over the place.