Alvin Lee on Deviant Art?

So…I know Arn has one but either this guy is Alvin or there’s some serious reporting needs to be done.

I really hope that I’m wrong, I didn’t think people were actually this stupid.

I’m dumb enough to bite. It’s it’s really him, man, the knowlege he could share!

Nah I doubt it. He hasn’t been on in almost a year. Which probably means he got reported shortly after submitting it. Same thing happened with this guy

Someone copied his work, didn’t even try to alter it at ALL. Quite sad. DA’s a cestpool for thievery.

It happens a lot to people I know, but you’d think someone wouldn’t be stupid enough to take printed and published artwork with THE ACTUAL CREATORS NAME ON IT and try to pass it off.
I’d report him, but honestly, I checked out their “policy” on stealing and I’d be more likely to get banned than him.:confused:

Yeah their policy is pretty weaksauce. But I’d be damned if they’re offing me, shit I got .psd’s! LOL

Yeah it doesn’t seem like it’s him. If someone didn’t report him yet I will, as I hardly use my da account anyways. If they ban me oh well.

wow that is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever seen…and I’ve been to Africa !

Alvin Lee’s signature is right there! Didn’t even bother to Photoshop it out.