Alvin's SFII sketch

Street Fighter will be coming back this fall, an all new SFII series with Alvin Lee on the helm doing the art. A sneak peek for you friends at SRK -

More to come…

Excellent! Looks like the SF2 Revival portrait, which is awesome. Can’t wait!!! No offense to the other artists but I’m glad Alvin is gonna be working on SF.

already to sfII? what happened to the final fight characters?

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we cannot do any final fight story line at this moment. We can work in Final Fight characters as cameos, but cannot do a straight FF story (which is what we really wanted to do!) unless we applied for a seperate license. And right now, it is just not feasible for us to do so. Maybe some day, one day… if we made SF more successful and can afford to pay more for the extra licensing fees…

you have to get another license to do final fight characters? i thought they are considered part of the street fighter license. at least, characters such as Guy, Sodom, Rolento, and Cody deserved to be in the comic. hoo boy, if getting another license is the case, i’m a bit disappointed. anyway, thanks for heads up and keep up the good work!

yes, we can throw in those FF characters that are playable in SF games. However, we cannot use any of the other casts, which kind of totally beats the purpose of a FF story. We are not totally giving up on it, coz I personally think that a FF comic could be really cool. However, this is just not the right time for us to do it yet.

oh i see…yeah, that is a problem. well, i still love the work you guys are doing. i really like the artwork and i was just hoping to see my favorite characters in new art. i will still support the line and hopefully the final fight characters will come along later. i appreciate the time you took to reply to these messages (it’s pretty rare to talk to some ppl in the comic book industry). again, thanks for info and keep up the good work.

Yes,thanks for all your time and answers you give us.I support your comics and buy every cover and foil and have gotten a few people into them THAT DIN’T EVEN KNOW STREET FIGHTER AND DARKSTALKERS COMICS EXISTED!

If it is going straight into SF2,what happens to Rose,Sakura,Dan and the rest of the alpha players? are you just forgetting about them all together,or are you kind of mixing them into the sf2 story like you did with the sf2 characters in the alpha arc?
I want more of Dan and Gen,and are you going to give us the much anticipated AKUMA and GEN death match?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, why not? Capcom did, after all. ::rimshot::

He’s already stated that there will be a Rose/Bison origin story. Sakura’s probably crossing over to Rival Schools whenever that starts.
Dan’s Dan… I wouldn’t be shocked to see a cameo from him at the SF2 tourny.

We changed it officially to SFII for a few reasons -

Ryu is finally starting his journey to seek out different fighters in around the world, which is kinda the idea of the original SFII game.

Also, becoz of the break, we figure it is not a bad thing to totally reboot the series from #1.

The story will continue, and while Ryu is travelling around, we will still see stories of the other characters happenning. You know we try to at least do a A/B part so that we can focus on more than one character. Don’t worry. As I promised, everyone will show up one way or another. :slight_smile:

thanks for the sketch preview, alvin lee is great. in fact the whole UDON team is doing pretty well. with the extra time for the relaunch, i hope to look forward to fantastic art in every issue of sfII as i did with ‘street fighter’

btw will there still be foil covers from jo chen and arnold tsang?? although i admit that i can’t afford them, they are great to look at and some day when i’ve stopped spending on misc merchandise (haha) i can pick up the ones i really want (i did get the #7 ryu foil cover, that ones amazing, hehe)

So just to confirm the new title will be called “Street Fighter 2”? I’m so looking forward to a kick ass skinny bison being in the comic (Fingers crossed). He RULES!

I think it’s a good idea. That way the stories will be nicely separated. Like the games are.

Good Times!

Thanks for the answers,Udoneko! Cant wait to see more Dan,Mika,Gen,Karin and Sakura!

Oh,Udoneko,just picked up a comic of darkstalkers #1 today for 20 bucks.The cover had Morrigan on it and limited to 100 copies signed by YOU and Ken Siu-Chong! Its great!

DS1? or DS5?

so Street Fighter 2 will be the official name of the comic? just making sure so that I can update my subscription at and not miss an issue.

It was issue number one. Didn’t know there was an issue 5 that was signed by you two as well and limited to 100 issues… Who was on the cover?more importantly,how can I get it?

But TPB’s will still be called Street fighter right? for people who only collect the trades and not the comics so they still be on track.

So the title hs been changed now? I liked it as it was, but the title is no big deal, so long as the story continues from the last issue and not abruptly leap forward in time or something.

Most likely, the trade will be called Street Figher II Round 1.