Always Get Disconnected[Help]

I have been playing for few months now but recently, I have noticed that this disconnection problem is recurring. It disconnects me 3 times in 1 hour or 5 times in an hour.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Stop using wifi?

I have been playing this for few months with wifi and had no problem with it. Until I formated my computer and suddenly got this problem.

I have 16mpbs download speed and 3mpbs upload speed.

Don’t download porn while you’re playing?

Lol, please read the question above. Disconnecting is not lagging. So it means no downloads or anything. It is just sudden disconnection problem.

Well, more seriously, is it just SSF4 that disconnects or everything on your PC? If it’s the latter and this is coming after a recent format, you might need drivers for your network card. Otherwise I’m really not sure what might be causing it, you might have better luck posting this in Tech Talk.

I agree with your comment, however, only the SSF4 client get disconnected randomly. I don’t get disconnected on my net though. I have been searching for the fix but the problem still persist. Eh i dont know XD I lost like 300 points from disconnection. :frowning: It happened 3 times last week.

I’ve been having the same problem. GFWL will just lose connection randomly it seems.

Try reseting your router and if it still happens, then it may just be the netcode because this happens on psn too.